How did students celebrate International Women's Day?
How did you celebrate International Women's Day? Source: Shutterstock

Tagging on to the theme of #BalanceforBetter, thousands of female students around the world celebrated this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) in style.

From celebratory marches with the buzz of excited crowds to simple awareness photos on social media with the balancing sign, IWD made its presence known with collective action.

But how did international students from schools and universities celebrate the event, which took place last week?

Did you march with pride on IWD 2019? Source: Shutterstock

Ambassador for a day

This 11th-grade student had the opportunity to become a student ambassador for the day at the British Embassy in Ethiopia!

From accompanying the UK Ambassador on his daily meetings to attending UN talks about important issues relating to the country’s humanitarian development, this trip inspired equality in the workplace and showed the eyes of social media that any learner can achieve their dreams.

Technology talks for young students

The global company Dell Technologies invited more than three hundred students from various schools across Kibera in Kenya to discuss the importance of technology and the role future workers will play.

By inspiring a balanced group of female and male students, Dell showed us all that the STEM sector has no limits and that everyone is welcome – a great effort for IWD 2019.

Focusing on ambitions and goals

This college decided to ask its young learners about what role they wanted to achieve in the future.

By creating a short video featuring student ambitions, they demonstrated that the female workforce are not confined to a specific box. Instead, they have the choice to be anyone and anything they want to be!

Team building outings to iconic spaces

This group of high school students chose to spend their IWD celebrations at the fearless girl statue in NYC.

With a ‘Girls take Wall Street’ theme, learners took banners along with them to fill up the space and to make a statement. It’s time to be fearless and feel empowered!

Writing a pledge 

By writing a public pledge and posing with the #BalanceForBetter sign, young female students felt empowered in Bangladesh.

Aspiring for non-discrimination and an equal platform to stand on, their opinions were voiced and heard.

With so many inventive and imaginative ways to spend IWD, awareness was (and still is) being raised.

As social media posts and the impact they make on young minds are long-standing, the accumulation of support will hopefully balance the global platform of gender equality for the better.

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