How business management helps you stay relevant in the 21st century workforce
Audrey Dong.

We live in an age of technological advances. Nothing is permanent except change, and this is especially true in business.

The digital economy continues to disrupt businesses all over the world,. Conglomerates, SMEs and startups are not exempt. Theymust rise to the challenge or risk losing their edge and fading into the background.

Managerial competencies, a comprehensive grounding in all aspects of business and management and the skills to handle modern challenges are more crucial than ever – especially with the spike in organisations using big data, which is changing the business landscape.

Catapulting non-business majors ahead in business management

Graduates looking to sharpen their skills and dive into business management may want to do so at one of the UK’s leading business schools. The University of Bath’s School of Management helps graduates to arm themselves with skills for a future in the field of business management.

Regardless of your undergraduate major, Bath’s Master of Science in Management is ideal for graduates looking to complement their non-management background with a thorough understanding of core business functions. This course is highly respected and is ranked 15th in the Times Higher Education and Wall Street Journal business school report.

Bath’s intensive full-time management course provides future leaders with the essential skills and knowledge for the current market. In one year, students gain a solid grounding in all key management disciplines, including marketing, finance and human resources.

Prospective students who would prefer to specialise in one area of study also have the option to do so. Students can graduate with a specialism in marketing, operations, finance, human resource management or corporate social responsibility; providing that they complete their dissertation or practice track within that area of specialism.

Students who specialise in marketing, operations or finance can also apply for exemptions from certain examinations offered by professional bodies, including the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

Robust learning experiences, outstanding employability

What makes this course so unique is its approach to teaching. Prospective students will experience a variety of teaching and learning methods, such as interactive lectures, case studies and group project work. This facilitates a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts and current business needs.

The University of Bath School of Management also has a Professional Development Programme (PDP) to help students gain more than an academic qualification. Through this programme, students develop the skills and abilities needed to achieve their career goals in a competitive employment market.

PDP is integrated into students’ timetables, while they can also select from a range of optional career activities during the year. A including a dedicated School of Management career advisor helps students to identify career goals and supports them through their job search. They also offer career training and workshops on all aspects of the recruitment process including mock interviews and practice assessment centres; industry insight events with alumni; and opportunities to meet their corporate partners and graduate recruiters.

Studying Msc in Management at Bath is unique from other institutions. From the start of their course, students learn about graduate opportunities and employer needs. The School of Management has a network of over 200 companies covering multiple industry sectors and have built lasting relationships with several key businesses. Their corporate partners often support competitions and projects, providing many opportunities for students to interact with employers from the start of their course.

To boot, there are many events that take place within the typical academic year to facilitate students’ personal and professional growth. These include ‘The Big Team Challenge’ in their first week. Here, Bath’s corporate partners give students a business challenge to complete with their new classmates and, together, the team presents their solution to the company.

Other exciting, but optional, events include the ‘Entrepreneurship Challenge’, where students work in teams to develop a business model and pitch their ideas to industry experts. Students who are keen to develop their idea can even work with mentors from the university’s Innovation Centre.

The ‘Global Residencies’ allow students to experience the international business world. They spend a week at a leading international business school, visit local companies and take part in a business project.

Events aside, Bath also prioritises students’ academic and personal well-being. They offer regular workshops on academic writing and analytical skills, while Student Experience Officers provide a confidential drop-in advice service and can help with personal or academic issues.

The school’s robust curriculum has proven to be effective in preparing students for the best graduate jobs. The Graduate Market in 2018 report by High Fliers, an independent market research company, found that Britain’s top employers specifically target Bath University graduates. Meanwhile, graduates have an outstanding record for employability – a whopping 89 percent of 2017 graduates received a job offer within three months of graduation.

It’s clear that the university has a good track record in preparing students for future success. So, if you’re looking to further your career and gain real-world insights, the University of Bath is a prime place to start.

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