5 reasons why Seoul's 'university town' is the best
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Nestled in the western end of South Korea’s capital is an area known as “Hongdae”.

It’s named after Hongik University, which is well-known for its prestigious art college. There are other universities nearby too, such as Ewha Womans University, Sogang University, Seoul Digital University.

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With so many universities, the area is chock full of college students, earning the area the nickname as Seoul’s “university town”. But if you’re thinking this means busloads of miserable students competing to get into a tough labour market, think again.

And think glitter, glitz and art (and 3am barbeque)

Here are 5 reasons why we think Hongdae is the best:

1. Art & fashion everywhere

The streets are practically fashion runways and at the Hongdae Free Market, you can find artists from all genres showing off their creativity.



2. It understands the culinary struggles of being a broke student

Also, this is where you can get Korea barbecue at 2am. Enough said.

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3. It’s a town that takes its drinks seriously

From craft beers to traditional makgeolli (a milky alcoholic beverage made from rice), Hongdae has them all.


4. Where record labels scout the next big thing in K-Pop

Rap, house, sappy ballads – live music performances are regularly featured here.



5. Cool architecture

If you ever get bored of the distinct sculptures hanging around the university, there’s also a Museum of Art inside Hongik University.




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