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Hong Kong Baptist University: Quality postgraduate programmes, triple-accredited business school

It took only one trip to Asia for Mario-Ciprian Birlea to get out of his comfort zone. Hoping to repeat that transformative experience, he started researching about the continent’s esteemed institutions. He knew the university he chose needed to be just as prestigious and capable of evolving him into the business-minded professional he’s always wanted to be.

Hong Kong Baptist University

At HKBU School of Business, Mario-Ciprian Birlea and his fellow classmates get to explore their interests and broaden their horizons through a range of elective courses. Source: HKBU School of Business

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) School of Business fits the bill. Located in the 12th best student city in the world by QS, the business school was not only the vanguard of business education in Asia for over half a century, it is also home to an equally prestigious MSc in Business Management, which has been ranked among the world’s top 100 in the Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking three times.

“I think the way the HKBU School of Business structures its courses from a module perspective is quite smart,” says Mario, who was born and raised in Romania. “At HKBU, students are encouraged to explore their interests and broaden their horizons through a range of electives and optional courses — some of which aren’t necessarily delivered by the School of Business, but other Faculties or Schools within HKBU too. This works well for me, especially since doing 21st century business requires an understanding of knowledge across disciplines, for example technology, big data and digital economy.”

The theme of interdisciplinary excellence persists throughout the School of Business’s expansive repertoire of taught postgraduate programmes, which are currently being delivered to students from 22 different countries/regions. The line-up comprises the Master of Accountancy, Master of Human Resources Management, MSc in Applied Economics, MSc in Applied Accounting & Finance, MSc in Corporate Governance and Compliance, MSc in Data Analytics and Business Economics, MSc in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing, MSc in Finance (FinTech and Financial Analytics) and the MSc in Marketing for the Creative Economy — all of which frequently evolve to stay up-to-date.

Hong Kong Baptist University

Associate Dean (Internationalisation) of the HKBU School of Business, Professor Gerard Prendergast also leads lessons in Marketing Communication and Service Leadership at the School. Source: HKBU School of Business

“Staying connected to practice is not a bonus for a business school, but a necessity and a duty, and we formally involve our corporate partners in advising our programmes and the School’s development,” explains Associate Dean (Internationalisation) of the HKBU School of Business, Professor Gerard Prendergast.

“This is not a one-way street, because it is these same corporations that employ our graduates. Besides our strong corporate connections, HKBU School of Business is the only business school in Hong Kong and amongst the 1% of business schools worldwide to be triple accredited. As part of being accredited, and staying accredited, the School is required to undergo continuous improvement and maintain its relevance. Quality assurance, continuous improvement, and relevance are our DNA.”

Hong Kong Baptist University

A degree from HKBU School of Business, the only business school in Hong Kong and amongst the 1% of business schools worldwide to be triple accredited, opens many doors for graduates. Source: HKBU School of Business

All full-time, one-year postgraduate business programmes have opened to international applicants for the 2023/24 intake as of 5 October 2022. The best part? Through International Postgraduate Scholarships, the School of Business lightens financial burdens by covering tuition fees in full and offering a living allowance of approximately US$12,800.

“Funding was definitely a deciding factor for me,” says Mario, who has been residing in Hong Kong since graduating with two job offers on the table. He is now the GOLD Associate of Avery Dennison’s Hong Kong office.

Hong Kong Baptist University

Mario graduated with two job offers on the table. Today, he is the GOLD Associate of Avery Dennison’s Hong Kong office. Source: HKBU School of Business

Outstanding outcomes like his are part of the HKBU package. In fact, out of all 2020 and 2021 international graduates — based on data collected from LinkedIn — 55% are working in Hong Kong, 10% are working in Asian countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc. and 35% are working in other countries including the UK, the US, Finland, France, Germany, Russia, and Denmark, amongst others.

Those who take the double degree route are set to achieve the same. Jean Lebeau, an incoming student from the Burgundy School of Business (BSB) in France, is currently on his journey to completing both a Master in Management from BSB and a MSc in Business Management from HKBU. Before even stepping foot into a classroom, he’s already sure of his decision to eventually build a life in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Baptist University

Jean Lebeau is confident he’s set for a bright future in this region with his two qualifications from HKBU and Burgundy School of Business in France. Source: HKBU School of Business

“I’m enjoying it here very much, despite having yet to explore it completely,” he says. “I can definitely see myself residing here and beginning a career in applied research. The city of Hong Kong has lots to offer professionals in this field and I’m certain that with two qualifications, anything will be possible.”

Want to learn more about the HKBU School of Business? More information about their postgraduate programmes and scholarship opportunities can be found from the School website!

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