Holi Festival: Students, here’s how you can prepare for the Festival of Colours
Are you looking forward to getting drenched in colour this Holi festival? Source: Shutterstock

Holi – also known as the Festival of Colours – is a Hindu festival that’s now celebrated around the globe. Originating in India, Holi marks the arrival of spring and praises the triumph of good over evil.

The festival has risen in popularity in recent years – after all, who can say no to smearing friends and strangers with rainbow-hued powder? – and is celebrated globally, though in some instances, not always at the right time of the year.

If you’re among the revellers looking to swoop in on some Holi-fun at a Holi festival at your university or within your community, we know that this jubilant occasion serves as a platform of camaraderie among students and strangers alike.

But before bright spatters of colour engulf you – literally – here’s how you can prepare for the festival to reduce the potential damage to your skin and belongings.

Cover your skin

If you’re worried about getting an odd coloured stain all over your body, consider wearing modest clothes that cover your skin, and sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Wear something old

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Unless festival organisers request you wear white, you might want to consider wearing something old that you wouldn’t mind throwing out. It goes without saying that having an assortment of colourful powders thrown all over you will likely stain your clothes even after a thorough washing, so it’s best to wear something you wouldn’t mind being permanently stained.

Rub coconut oil in your hair

Avoid getting any facials or hair colouring done prior to the event, wait until the festival is over. The colourful powders can cause hair and skin discolouration, but try rubbing coconut oil in your hair and over your skin to prevent this from happening.

Use nail polish on your nails

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Those who have lived to tell the tale say using clear nail polish can be a lifesaver in protecting nails from getting stained from the rainbow of colours coming your way!

Holi-proof your belongings

We know it’s impossible to resist bringing your phone or camera to a Holi festival – you’ll not only miss out on taking Instagram-worthy pictures, but you’ll likely need to communicate with your friends in case either of you gets lost in a crowd. But consider keeping your phone and wallet in ziplock bags or pouches to safeguard them from stains.

Don’t delay showering post-festival

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Jump into the shower as quickly as you can post-festival to avoid the colours from seeping into your skin, hair or clothes longer than necessary. Use warm water to wash the colours off your body and avoid rubbing your skin too harshly. Times of India suggests using oil to gently remove the colours.

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