Here’s why you should consider solo travel while at university
Here’s why you should consider solo travel while at uni. Source: Shutterstock

Scroll through Instagram or trawl the web and there’s plenty of content to give you some inspiration for your next adventure.

But, before you imagine going to all those cool places in your head, what if you can’t find anyone to travel with? Should you take the plunge and do it solo?

We say, why not?!

Here’s why you should consider doing solo travel while at university:

It’ll develop your confidence

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Naturally, if you’re not used to travelling on your own, the thought of doing so can be daunting. Concerns such as, “Will I feel lonely? What if I get lost? What do I do if I’m in trouble?” can cross your mind.

While these are fair concerns, travelling on your own is a chance to break out of your comfort zone. If you’re shy or reserved, you’ll be forced to speak to people when you need help with directions, and learn how to be self-reliant when something unexpected happens instead of having the comfort of a safety net – i.e. your friends – to help you when travelling.

So long as you have security measures in place, such as always keeping loved ones at home aware of your whereabouts and have chosen safe places to travel to, you should be in good hands.

The freedom to change your plans as you see fit

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Travelling in a group means there’s bound to be some disagreement over where to eat and where to visit, while tempers are bound to flare when someone is late…you get the drift.

Travelling on our own means a chance for you to be shamelessly selfish – for once! This means sightseeing or shopping whenever you want, taking your time to photograph or Insta-story your experience without the pressure of knowing your friends are waiting for you, and the freedom to change your plans without feeling bad about others.

It’ll push you to network

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It’s easier to strike up a conversation within ‘comfortable compounds’, such as your classroom or university. However, when travelling solo, it’s nice to have someone to speak with from time to time. This means plucking up the courage to speak with the locals or other tourists of different backgrounds, rather than merely looking for someone who shares a similar background to you.  

So be curious and strike up conversations. You could also pick up some travel advice on where to go from other tourists, or even join them – if they invite you – and build global connections. You never know who you could meet on this trip who could change your life.  

It’s an adventure

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Solo travels may or may not be smooth – much like life. Solo travel is an adventure on its own – you’ll learn to be resourceful, such as figuring out how the train or bus system works, all of which serves as an amazing learning experience that can help with your personal development. Most importantly, you’ll also have to learn to get uncomfortable and understand that you may not always have the answers, but that’s okay!

No university class can teach you that.

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