Here’s how the University of Nottingham’s MBAs can accelerate your career
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Here’s how the University of Nottingham’s MBAs can accelerate your career

Being a part-time MBA student while balancing a demanding job as an associate professor and a newborn’s arrival has its challenges, but that’s something that Eldric Chew takes in his stride. The Singaporean — buoyed by his passion for learning and eagerness to keep abreast of new developments in today’s fast-moving digital economy — knows that an MBA is a stepping stone for career progression.

Chew is confident that the University of Nottingham’s general MBA programme, which the Nottingham University Business School faculty fully teach at PSB Academy in Singapore, will offer him the golden opportunity to develop his business knowledge and equip him with skills that will put him in good stead upon graduation next year.

Apart from the prospect of earning a sterling credential from one of the world’s top 100 universities (according to the QS World University Rankings 2021), Chew knows the knowledge gained from the Nottingham MBA programme, coupled with his entrepreneurial background, will bring a fresh perspective to his classroom. The professionalism and technological standard in PSB Academy calcified his conviction that he has made the right decision.

Future-forward MBA programmes for ambitious professionals

Nottingham is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of world-class universities. Their MBA was ranked in the top 100 MBA by The Economist Full-time MBA Ranking 2019 and aims to give students a new career perspective that can transform their employment opportunities. Nottingham’s MBA courses are taught by Nottingham faculty in short intensive blocks in Singapore.

Nottingham also offers an MBA in Finance where students can take finance elective modules in Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis. Both Singapore MBA programmes are structured for aspiring managers with the potential for senior positions and the ability to take on the emerging knowledge-based economy.

Further bolstering the appeal of Nottingham is its membership and accreditations. Nottingham University Business School’s MBA is internationally accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) — top accrediting agencies for MBA programmes. The university is also a member of the AACSB Business Education Alliance. This allows them to acquire and share insights that strengthen the quality of their business education.

Source: PSB & University of Nottingham

There are also options for students in both MBA programmes to experience international interaction. MBA course members in the UK and Malaysia can choose to take modules in Singapore. In contrast, Singapore MBA students may take up to two modules in either the UK or Malaysia without additional programme fees. Nottingham also regularly organises optional international business study tours for MBA students.

MBAs for professionals of all backgrounds

Students from all backgrounds are driven to enrol in the Nottingham MBA for personal development or to set up their own business. Others, like Tricia Harvinder Kaur, enrolled in the programme to progress in their career.

Kaur, a Class of 2016 graduate, was working as an HR and office executive before climbing her way to a managerial post. The 37-year-old knew, however, that she needed another credential if she wanted to climb the higher rungs of the corporate ladder and stay relevant in the industry. She decided to enrol in the Nottingham MBA.

Even though the internationally accredited course proved challenging, giving up was never an option for the highly-driven individual. The mother of two was always excited to attend class, enthusing that the curriculum was engaging, relevant, and added value to her day-to-day work experiences. Her lecturers were also friendly and were ready to offer their time and expertise whenever she failed to grasp concepts and theories. They played a big role in inspiring her to better herself and fulfil her childhood ambition of graduating with a postgraduate degree.

Professionals of all backgrounds stand to benefit from a Nottingham MBA. Class of 2020 student Rajesh Rai said that he was clueless about managing budgets, monetising creativity, or assessing the financial feasibility of marketing campaigns he takes charge of in his career in the television industry. He saw the Nottingham MBA as a getaway to combine his creative passion and business acumen for his personal and career growth.

“Companies in the creative industries are like any other businesses, and for it to be successful, one should have good business and management proficiencies,” he said. “PSB Academy has sufficiently equipped me to thrive in creative environments and pursuits, which my career in the television industry is thankful for. Taking an MBA exposed me to international creative industries and the strategic business proficiencies it implements.”

Source: PSB & University of Nottingham

Rai said he has already gained new skills and knowledge through the programme’s customisable electives. “I foresee myself acquiring a solid understanding of financial, business and management perspectives and take on more management roles,” he said, adding that he also believes stepping outside his comfort zone will help him gain new insights from like-minded peers and augment his current skillset.

A career-transforming programme

The Nottingham MBA has a flexible structure. As it can be completed within two to four years, this allows enrollees to combine intensive study with their existing work-life commitments comfortably.

The Business School offers several starting points throughout the year — this means busy professionals can undertake further study at any point when they’re ready. Students can vary the number of modules taken each year and spread the cost by paying for each module as they progress.

In other words, it’s a programme suitable for candidates of various backgrounds. Ultimately, the programme will prove to be a transformative one, as echoed by Rai who said: “For me, the University of Nottingham MBA programme is my getaway for broader horizons”.

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