Here’s how Boston University helps its CELOP students succeed

“My instructors were great. They did not only teach me English, they helped me being away from home while a teenager. They supported me and made me a better person.” – Giulia Ciaghi, International Student at CELOP, Boston University

With more than 33,000 students from 130 countries, Boston University (BU) is one of the largest private research universities in the US. BU offers students the opportunity to learn on a diverse and dynamic campus in a globally-connected city.

BU’s Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP) is the ideal starting point for international applicants. As an institution that has helped students boost their English language skills and understanding of US culture since 1975, CELOP has taught close to 60,000 students. Here, dedicated and experienced teachers guide students through their language learning journey, with specializations in subjects such as business, STEM, legal English and teacher training adding a valuable dimension to the CELOP education. CELOP’s instructors hold an average of 25+ years’ experience teaching ESL, helping students improve their language skills and familiarity with US culture.

CELOP has built a reputation for quality and student success. The Center is proud to host the best Intensive English Program (IEP) in the Boston area, offering courses on a four-week, six-week or 12-week intensive basis in addition to part-time options. The program boasts a long tradition of helping graduates gain acceptance to colleges and universities, with former students transitioning to 22 of the top 50 universities in the United States. CELOP has also been the starting point for alumni who have achieved global recognition in the fields of politcs, music and entertainment, and business.

CELOP’s alumni record is due in large part to the support it provides students. The Center’s services include dedicated student advisors, TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT prep courses, application workshops, letters of recommendation, and visa advising. Beyond CELOP, students have access to services from all over BU including Student Health Services, BU Housing and Dining Services, and much more.

“When I came to CELOP, I did not speak English and started from Level A (elementary),”  says Abdulrahman Alhejaili, another of the center’s successful graduates.

“CELOP taught me the language and prepared me to achieve my Master’s degree, which is one of my goals in this life. [Besides] that,” he adds, “there are a lot of skills in English that I learned from CELOP. For instance, in my graduate program, I was required to do a lot of presentations and I was very comfortable presenting because this skill was acquired at CELOP…I still follow my teacher Olivia Szabo’s advice which is to memorize 5-10 words each week by writing them in sentences in nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. This method has helped me to extend my English vocabulary. CELOP was a great place for me to master the language.”

Upon completion of the program, Abdulrahman earned a Master’s degree in Communication Management from Emerson College, Boston, in May 2017. Now, the alumnus is on the hunt for an internship position with a public relations agency based in this vibrant city – a feat he would not have had the confidence to achieve if it wasn’t for his experience at CELOP.

This type of unwavering support is also offered throughout students’ professional endeavors. The intensive English business concentration introduces learners to core management principles, while pre-MBA coursework uses case studies found in American business schools and prepares students for the rigors of an MBA program. CELOP also has exclusive partnerships with institutions such as Harvard School of Design, BU School of Law and BU School of Engineering, adding a cross-disciplinary element to an already world-class education.

Serving as a ‘Gateway to the American University’, CELOP’s Summer High School Program is another distinct step of this language learning journey. Students who are pursuing acceptance from a selective American university have the opportunity to live and study on the BU campus, meet and learn from representatives of the Undergraduate Board of Admissions and receive guidance on writing their college essay, all while improving their English. They also experience amazing activities and cultural events that Boston offers during the summer.

Speaking of Boston, there’s nowhere else on Earth quite like this city. It has rightly earned its title as America’s Education Capital, hosting the highest concentration of colleges and universities in the country. Students make up around 23 percent of the city’s total population, so you’re guaranteed to find lasting friends in like-minded learners.

“I wanted to study in Boston since Boston is well known as an academic city where many prestigious universities are integrated,” says Sachino Taki, a former CELOP student from Japan.

“The best part about CELOP was that I got to know people from all over the world and from different ages…people from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Venezuela…as well as people from China, Korea, the close countries from Japan.

“…I loved walking the city especially Newbury Street where there are many shopping places and my favorite cupcake shop. I enjoyed taking a lot of pretty photos in Boston. Public garden and Boston Common are my favorite places to chill out and I cannot forget that I had [a photo shoot] there with my best friends.

“…CELOP is the best place…not only to improve your English but also to get to know people from all over the world,” Sachino concludes. “Teachers and coordinators at CELOP were very kind and supportive. Without studying at CELOP, I couldn’t achieve what I have now.”

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