Has your essay ever been marked with meme stickers?
Are memes motivating students? Source: Priscilla Buckley/Unsplash

As an international student, you may have experienced alternative forms of assignment marking as your teachers back home may have preferred a different grading method.

Perhaps they underline mistakes in an assortment of colours or add sticky notes to the essay paper.

Marking styles change from school to school. Source: Giphy

But did they ever used memes to express their concerns or approval?

A blessing or perhaps a curse of the digital age, memes are undoubtedly everywhere. These entertaining media formats come in all shapes and sizes, populating millions of social media profiles across the world.

Serving as universal humour, memes unite online users worldwide.

Noticing the impact memes have in this day and age, a high school teacher based in Illinois (US) named Ainee Fatima chose to use them to mark her students’ homework – and it’s taken the internet by storm.

Fatima recently told The Daily Dot, “It’s sometimes important for teachers to meet their students at their level. Including pop-culture and media in their curriculum will get your content and instruction across way farther than sticking to age-old content.

“Plus, I think memes and GIFs are so a part of texting culture now that we have a reaction and meme to everything. I thought why not use it for grading?”

Since the reveal of the meme marking, Twitter users have taken to their accounts and posted praise for the tactic:

So, what’s your opinion of meme marking? Would you like your university professors to follow suit or do you think it’s merely a phase that will soon run out of traction?

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