Indian professor builds app to block 'vulgar' sites & plays holy songs instead
Access denied. Source: Shutterstock

The app is called “Har Har Mahadev” and will block pornography, violent and vulgar content from the Internet while playing religious songs in the process.

Developed by a neurologist and his team at the Institute of Medical Sciences of Banaras Hindu University (IMS-BHU), the app aims to get rid of “trash” and “misinformation” in the world wide web, according to Times of India.

“We have developed the website blocker and internet filtering services, so one can surf safely without any fear of opening adult or objectionable sites,” said Dr Vijay Nath Mishra.

“We will update it further as more and more unwanted sites are cropping up daily,” he added.

Mishra’s previous work include making movies on cardiac arrest and how to manage it in a bid to increase awareness among the public.

For now, only Hindu devotional songs will be played if the user attempts to access any of the 3,800 plus identified sites.

The team is working on adding devotional songs from other religions, Mishra said.

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