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Halcyon London International School: Discover unrivalled academic IB excellence

“I would say that the IB Diploma Programme absolutely prepares students for university,” says Lola, a Halcyon London International School graduate heading to St Catherine’s College, Oxford. The IB’s mandatory six subjects ensure students engage within a variety of disciplines while still allowing them the depth of study to explore their academic potential. “The range can really help students solidify the subject which they want to study at university and discover their personality as a learner,” she says.

Children love learning. A combination of rigour, an internationally-renowned curriculum, research and technology can help children become more than just students. It can nurture them to become inquiring, knowledgeable, confident, and caring young people.

That’s what Halcyon London International School does. It is a leading International Baccalaureate (IB) school for students aged 11 to 18. Here, students are valued, confident and secure — and so much more.

“My child has received excellent support from all subject teachers and that was something that we are very pleased with,” says parent Natalie Albusaidi from Bulgaria. When asked what offerings have impressed her thus far, she says, “The quality of teachers is simply amazing and the wellbeing team is very hands-on.”

Another parent Cristina Pina agrees. She says her child “grew in confidence, became independent, stretched themselves more, had more positive interactions with older children and took on more positions of responsibility, for example in Model United Nations conferences.”

It is Halcyon London International School’s ability to draw out the unique potential of each student that makes an education here exceptional. The result? In 2022, 34 students sat for the IB Diploma Programme (DP). Not only did everyone pass, but students also achieved an average point score of 36, beating the international average of 32. What’s more, 25% of students scored 40 points and higher, with the highest being a perfect score, 45 out of 45.

Halcyon London International School

Students gain plenty from experiential learning while utilising technology. Source: Halcyon London International School

At Halcyon London International School, students progress from the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) in Grades 6 to 10, to the IB Diploma Programme (DP) in Grades 11 to 12). It’s a journey that starts and ends with exciting academic challenges, and includes a structured programme of personal and social development that builds students’ wellbeing skills. 

The MYP curriculum consists of eight subject groups: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Mathematics, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Arts, Design, and Physical and Health Education. In addition, students are required to undertake three core components: Personal Learning, Service Learning and Explorations.

Disappointed with the British school system, parent Paula Vaccaro sought a more flexible and innovative approach to learning and assessment. “The British system is too narrow and old-fashioned, while the IB offers a 360° vision to learning,” she says. 

It’s a strategy that works. “My son feels part of the school. He loves stepping forward as an ambassador,” says Vaccaro. “A small school is a very personal experience that can tailor to your child’s needs. Halcyon is an excellent choice, with Hyde Park on its doorstep.”

Vaccaro’s son is set to move into the IBDP, which prepares students, academically and socially, for university and life. Students are required to choose one subject from each discipline: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies (Social Science), Natural Sciences, and Mathematics, plus one additional subject – either an Arts course, or a second natural science, or second social science, or a third language.

Halcyon London International School

Students can get expert guidance and advice on where to apply for university through the support services offered. Source: Halcyon London International School

Halcyon London International School offers first-class university counselling services. “I realised my true passion was in guiding and supporting students through the maze that is university applications,” says Asil Al-Shammari, the University and Careers Counselling Director. “For me, it is about helping students identify what they would love to study, as I realised through my own experiences that when you love what you do, you never consider it as a job.”

This has never been truer for Sandra Rautavuori, who completed the IB herself at Shanghai Community International School and today is an IB MYP teacher. “What I loved about the IB is that it provided me with plenty of skills that helped me through life — self-management, time management, and organisation skills in particular,” she says. “I also see this reflected at Halcyon, especially in how students use their digital devices to organise their work.”

Rautavuori’s never been anywhere like Halcyon before. “There’s a very special environment and I’d say that it’s a great community to be in,” she says. “I feel really supported. It feels very much like ‘everyone knows everyone’, so it’s a very friendly place to be.

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