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Graduates are turning graduate schools with the hope that an additional qualification will future-proof their careers. Source: Mohammed Abed/AFP

The US hosted some one million international students between the 2019-2020 academic year, said data from an Open Doors Report on International Education. It’s hardly surprising — the country is home to a number of top schools — including graduate schools — making it a highly appealing study abroad destination. Pundits agree that attending graduate school can be a good idea during an economic downturn to grow one’s knowledge, skillset and network for opportunities that will crop up once the economy recovers.

The prospect of getting into the best graduate schools is alluring. After all, rankings are held in high regard – and for good reason. Apart from the prestige, there are also networking opportunities with top professionals in their respective fields. The US News & World Report has recently released its rankings for the best graduate schools in the countrybased on expert opinions and statistics that measure the quality of each school’s faculty, research, and student body. 

“Trying to decide where to go to grad school can be overwhelming under normal circumstances, let alone during a pandemic,” said US News managing editor of education Anita Narayan. “Along with our articles featuring expert advice on the admissions process, the Best Graduate Schools rankings provide helpful data to make that search more manageable for prospective students.”

In the 2022 edition, a variety of programmes at these graduate schools are evaluated across a variety of fields. Among the largest disciplines were: business, law, medicine, nursing, engineering, and education. Here are the universities that secured the top spots in each of these six categories:


Known for pivoting careers in business, Stanford University in California nabbed the top spot as the best business school. Rounding up the top three are The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.


For a top-notch legal education, high-pay, and prestige, Yale University came out on top once again for its law offerings. The university was followed by Stanford University and Harvard University – both renown for producing top attorneys in the US. 

Medicine: Research

Do you want job security, an above average salary, and multiple opportunities to save lives? A medical degree should be on your agenda. US News’ top three medical schools for research showed that Harvard University continues to stay atop, followed by New York University’s Grossman School and Duke University – both of which have moved into the top three from last year’s rankings. 


Both Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania tied for the top spot for their education programmes – either of which could be the logical next step for educators looking to assume a position in education leadership, administration, or counselling. The University of California in Los Angeles comes in at third, rounding up the top three. 


For advanced degree programmes in engineering that were designed to deepen skills and expand career options, US News ranks the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as the best. Stanford University and the University of California Berkeley nabbed the second and third spot respectively.


For a master’s in nursing that goes in-depth on topics like management, research and social and physical sciences, Johns Hopkins University comes out on top, followed by Emory University. Both Duke University and The University of Pennsylvania tied for third.

Alongside these six disciplines, additional graduate programme rankings were updated this year. Included are: criminology, economics, English, history, library and information studies, political science, public affairs, public health and sociology.