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Golden West College: The Californian advantage

We have all been asked the question: what do you want to be when you grow up? It can be the hardest question to answer especially when you are just barely out of high school. There is a lot to consider — money, living alone for the first time, and selecting the right courses represent just the tip of the iceberg. The best part about Golden West College? You do not need a definite plan in place to begin your learning journey.

Located in the coastal community of Huntington Beach (Surf City), Golden West College is a community college with one of the most beautiful campuses in Southern California. The college is known for offering enriching and innovative programs that help students realize a range of goals — transfer to four-year institutions, earn associate degrees, complete certificates in career and technical education, advance their careers, and demonstrate college-readiness.

Whether you are a high school student exploring your options, or a working professional looking to enhance or transform your career, Golden West College has a variety of majors and programs to choose from.

Enrolling in a community college is a great option for students who are not exactly ready for a four-year commitment or looking to adapt to life away from home in a new state. With the rising cost of college tuition, attending community college for the first two years of your journey could save you quite a bit of money but there are also many other benefits that come with this option.

Golden West College

Source: Golden West College

The transfer path

Golden West College students have the option to transfer to universities of their choice. The college offers help every step of the way. There are counselling and academic planning services that assist students in making sure they meet the necessary requirements to earn a bachelor’s degree. At the Transfer Center, dedicated staff help students realize their transfer plans and hold workshops to help students with their applications.

With this support, Golden West College students successfully transfer to California State University at a rate higher than most California community colleges. The University of California is also a top transfer destination. Admission is guaranteed to eligible students through the college’s Transfer Admission Guarantee agreements with six out of their nine campuses.

In fact, Golden West’s combined UC and CSU transfer rates places it in the top 10% of all California community colleges.

A brand-new STEM Center

The STEM Center provides students with an open space to join study groups, work independently, and engage with faculty and staff members. It also provides access to many free resources and a wide array of study materials, models as well as several STEM-related research and internship opportunities. STEM Clubs are also available for students to engage with like-minded individuals as they learn.

Golden West College

Source: Golden West College

Athletic success

Since 1965, Golden West College has won 89 state championships and is nationally and internationally-known for their athletic programs. Whether on the track, on the field, in the pool, in the gym, or in the classroom, students are encouraged and trained to be winners. Several programs are offered to student-athletes to ensure academic support as they represent their school in competitions. These programs also include one-on-one mentoring by former intercollegiate athletes.

Out-of-state life

Moving away from home forces students out of their comfort zones and teaches independence. It can be overwhelming in the beginning, which is why Golden West College takes pride in counselling new students and helping them make the transition, even when it comes to seeking out and selecting housing close to campus.

It doesn’t hurt that the college is in Surf City, which would be anybody’s ideal home away from home. It has a vibrant beach life day and night, the best shopping, dining, and entertainment offerings, and even a beach where you might not just see dogs being walked, but also surfed.

Golden West College

Source: Golden West College

The Overall Experience

Just thinking about California, the first few things that would come to mind are sun-soaked beaches, national parks, some of the best theme parks in the world, and the list goes on. Yet, there is still so much more to this incredible state. Not least of which is their higher education system which is considered to be one of the best in the world.

At Golden West College, you will be at an open-access institution that offers this on top of a welcoming community that cares. Faculty members are constantly looking for ways to bring this close-knit community closer by ensuring that all students feel heard and supported with a personal touch.

Home to an array of incredible sights and a student-focused faculty, there are few opportunities more picturesque than Golden West College.

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