Gold Coast is the Place to Study: Hear it from the student ambassadors
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Gold Coast is the Place to Study: Hear it from the student ambassadors

Gold Coast, with its 50+km of coastline, sub-tropical climate and title as Australia’s Favourite Classroom, is home to over 47,000 students. The city has gained global recognition for its quality education and training in an unrivalled setting. Study Gold Coast understands the importance of the education and training sector within the city, and the importance of supporting its students. The Mayor’s International Student Ambassadors  play a crucial role in sharing Gold Coast student experiences with the rest of the world.

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What wins the ambassadors over?

To be a student ambassador for Study Gold Coast you need to love where you learn, and be ready to advocate for Gold Coast as the perfect place to live and study. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do that…

  • Gold Coast is home to three leading universities, a strong and reputable vocational education sector including one of Queensland’s best TAFE campuses, and a wealth of top private providers and secondary schools. With so much on offer in one place there’s certainly something for everyone, and the chance to study specialisms; something deemed important by many of this year’s ambassadors. Mathias Sand Madsen “first and foremost chose the Gold Coast because of Bond University” while Calvin (Ziheng) Xu was equally drawn by Gold Coasts’ “world-class education”. Check out all that’s on offer here.
  • Another attraction for international students to move to Gold Coast, as well as for locals to stay, is the friendly atmosphere in which people from many diverse backgrounds live, work and study together. This appears to be one of the reasons Nina Essel couldn’t stay away: “I lived on the Gold Coast a couple of years ago and I am so happy to be back. I absolutely love it here; the friendly people, beautiful scenery, the beaches and mountains, good lifestyle and so many activities to participate in!’ Similarly, Calvin found that, “the Gold Coast is very metropolitan and international – the diversity in both residents and cultures was very attractive to [him].”

So, other than a love of the Gold Coast, why become an International Student Ambassador?

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The Mayor’s International Student Ambassador Program enlists the help of a new cohort of students each February, who remain ambassadors through to November of the same year. The students are invited to engage with local government and Study Gold Coast initiatives, as well as take part in fun and often adventurous experiences.

Study Gold Coast ambassadors are lucky to find everything they’ve ever dreamed of in their study abroad experience right on their doorstep, and with thousands of students from every culture making the most of it each year, the Gold Coast harbours a culture that’s both unique and unforgettable. Whether you’re dining out in Chinatown or lounging by the beach; getting deep in seaside volleyball or perusing urban boulevards; exploring forests and saltwater canals or soaking in the Gold Coast lifestyle; it’s the region’s laidback attitude, on top of its world-class institutions, that make student life so special.

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So what else is on offer for student ambassadors?      

  • The chance to meet people from all over the world and improve cultural knowledge as well as interpersonal skills. Huiming Ling from China describes this important aspect of the program: “One of the things I have enjoyed while studying here on the Gold Coast has been the connections and friends I have made, both within the Chinese Students and Scholars Associations, but also from the multi-cultural community and the large international student body.”Similarly, Omraj Gurung from Nepal says: “I chose the Gold Coast because it is the best destination for international students to further their education. If you are willing to get to know new people and learn about their culture and religion, then the Gold Coast is an amazing place to be.”

    In an increasingly interconnected and globalised world, the ability to adapt to and develop your own international perceptions is crucial to both prosperity and success.

  • Study Gold Coast strives to provide unparalleled social, cultural and educational opportunities for which students can reap the benefits for the rest of their lives. Dennis Kim from South Korea says: “I’ve lived in the Gold Coast for almost 3 years now, and have fallen in love with the weather, the ocean and the nice people around me…I am so happy to be an Ambassador, and show the world all the great opportunities and activities available here on the Gold Coast.”
  • Another thing that makes the Gold Coast Ambassador experience truly unrivalled is the region’s stunning natural setting.“I am living in paradise,” says Carolina Gonzalez Cabezas, a Gold Coast Ambassador from Colombia, “amazing sandy beaches, some of the best surfing waves in the world, and even the Quicksilver Pro surfing competition…Inland, the forested mountains provide the best hiking adventures, random freshwater swims, breathtaking lookouts and many wildlife encounters.

    “…I want to show international students around the world a hidden gem located on the east coast of Australia,” she adds. “A place that provides multiple opportunities to study, work, explore and adopt a unique lifestyle full of unforgettable experiences.”

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Learn more about life as a Mayor’s International Student Ambassador here, and if you think you have what it takes to become one, keep your eye on the Study Gold Coast Website for information on the upcoming 2017 Ambassador Program application process.

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