Go global at the University of Westminster
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Go global at the University of Westminster

With a clear vision for the future, the University of Westminster is emerging as one of the most internationally focused hubs of higher learning in the world. The main university campus is located in the heart of London, with the city’s surrounding 32 km radius encompassing more than a million businesses. That combined with Westminster’s mission to prepare students for their professional futures makes this an outstanding place to launch a high-powered, global career.

Study in the Heart of London at the University of Westminster

London represents a truly international capital. It’s a bastion of culture and a beacon of globalisation. Upwards of 15 million people travel here each year to conduct business, take in the sights and otherwise experience this incredible city. In fact, there are plenty of experts out there who insist that London is the world’s de facto capital city.

Everything London does occurs on a massive scale. This is the largest city in Europe, with five international airports, 300 languages spoken on its streets and a staggering 3.5 million daily passengers riding the iconic London Underground. Looking for culture? Try 250 museums, 120 libraries and more than 100 theatres. And while there’s no question that London is a booming metropolis, its eight Royal Parks and 148 garden squares make it one of the greenest, lushest capital cities in the world.

With so much going for London, it’s no surprise that so many people are keen to make a living in this city. In fact, in a poll conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, London was the number-one destination that respondents claimed they would like to move to for work – ahead of New York and Paris.

The same can be said of international students. There are more than 400,000 students in this city, and a substantial number of those come from overseas. The opportunity to live and study in London is a dream for many. But for students enrolled at the University of Westminster, it’s a day-to-day reality.

The chance to study in London is a dream come true

There are plenty of advantages to being a student in London – not least the eligibility for hundreds of student discounts. And that’s only the beginning. When you study at the University of Westminster, you’ll benefit from the school’s strong professional focus and commitment to developing and maintaining industry partnerships both in London and abroad. In some cases, you’ll even have the opportunity to earn professional accreditation whilst studying, ensuring you’re fully prepared to launch a new, high-powered career from the day you graduate.

Imagine living in the heart of London, with iconic landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye as your own cosmopolitan garden. When you’re not studying, you can spend your free time exploring these world-class sites; take the afternoon to go shopping at the West Wend or admiring centuries-old architecture at sites like Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, and follow that up with some of the best dining and entertainment the world has ever known. That’s all in a weekend’s work when you live and study at the University of Westminster.

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Making the most of all London has to offer

The University of Westminster offers the full gamut of academic programmes and courses. From accounting to psychology, biosciences to fashion – you’ll find a wide range of offerings at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The university receives regular praise and recognition for its academic programmes. The Guardian and Times Higher Education have both afforded Westminster esteemed recognition. The Media and Communications programmes do particularly well, ranking 3rd in the UK and 29th in the world according to the QS World University Rankings.

One of Westminster’s greatest strengths is its intense professional focus. The staff and administration leverage the university’s Central London location to maximum effect, working hard to build relationships with businesses and professional organisations in London. For that reason, students here are exposed to professional opportunities that many others wouldn’t be able to pursue until they graduate.

Coursework is designed through collaboration with industry partners, pushing real-world employability skills and offering fantastic internship possibilities. Meanwhile, the Career Development Centre maintains a network of more than 3,000 companies that can offer work-placement opportunities and the chance to hone their professional skills.

Join the Westminster community and experience what London presents

As a student at Westminster, you’ll join a diverse and dynamic community in the heart of London. The university maintains a student body of 20,000 students representing a total of 169 countries. In fact, Times Higher Education lists Westminster as one of the most international universities in the world, while the Hotcourses Diversity Index named it the most diverse university in the UK.

Needless to say, this is an exciting place to study, with a vibrantly diverse learning environment. The university aims to embed internationalisation, employability and sustainability as core components of its curriculum, and with more than 190 partner institutions across 56 countries, Westminster makes it possible for you to expand your professional horizons by studying, volunteering or even working abroad while you’re enrolled.

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