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Global opportunities await at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

When Hiu Lam Cristina Ng Cen from Venezuela was searching for a quality education, she turned to her family. Amidst the chatter, one institution was consistently mentioned. Several of her relatives suggested The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) for its reputation for academic excellence — her sister was already in the process of applying as well. They knew there was no better place for Cristina to challenge herself and broaden her intellectual horizons.

Nothing less is expected of a high-ranking university. PolyU ranked 65th globally at QS World University Rankings (2023), 26th at QS Asia University Rankings (2023), and among the world’s top 50 in four subjects:

  • 12th for Hospitality and Leisure Management
  • 16th for Architecture/Built Environment
  • 20th for Art and Design
  • 22th for Engineering – Civil and Structural

It’s little wonder why Cristina confidently chose the BBA (Hons) Management as her launchpad to success. Opinions and research lead her to believe that by choosing PolyU, she would be unlocking unlimited opportunities that could “create endless possibilities” for her life. Her decision proved fruitful. While lessons stimulated her intellectually, life beyond classrooms kept her engaged.

“As a member of the Google Development Student Club, I explore technology such as Web3 and Crypto,” she explains. “In Toastmasters, I am their financial secretary — the club revolves around public speaking, mingling and sharing insights, which have helped me become a lot more natural and confident as a communicator. It has been fun and refreshing to participate in the new activities I never tried, and it has taught me a lot. Furthermore, I am part of the sub-committee of the Business Club, responsible for planning events and learning the workload of an Executive Committee. As one of PolyU’s Cultural Ambassadors, I’m responsible for promoting our strengths and supporting future students in their own home country or region too. This privilege lets me further connect with students from different cultural backgrounds.”

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hiu Lam Cristina Ng Cen chose PolyU for its prestige reputation and commitment to academic excellence. Source: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

It’s clear that despite moving across the globe, Cristina, like most busy international students at PolyU, never once let homesickness get in the way of her development. They have their university’s diverse community to thank for providing them with the sense of comfort they need to fully immerse themselves in the academic excursion they signed up for.

Such vibrant clubs bode well for PolyU’s holistic curricula. It is the first institution in Hong Kong to implement Work-Integrated Education (WIE) and Service-Learning as mandatory components within the undergraduate curriculum.

With WIE, an internship is guaranteed. They span between eight to twelve weeks and up to a year for industrial or clinical placements in a broad array of multinational giants, where students can expect to acquire professional or technical skills. Spanning Hong Kong, mainland China, and beyond, in 2023, WIE will take place in over 30 markets around the world. It’s incredibly flexible, enabling students to select employers for themselves. Of course, those overwhelmed by their options and needing guidance are welcome to let PolyU conduct the pairing process for them.

Either way, they gain valuable, industry-relevant insights – all while boosting their professional competence, sharpening their social skills and building their confidence.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PolyU has a wide range of student-led interest clubs and societies that empower students with excellent opportunities to support personal growth and development. Source: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Abreast with this generation’s need to give back, PolyU’s Service-Learning lights a fire within students to serve disadvantaged groups. Even though Cristina was completing her Service-Learning online, she found the experience “challenging and fascinating”. Virtually teaching local students English, she can attest that the PolyU experience nurtures all-around development — it’s not just about career growth but personal growth as well.

Change can certainly be sparked by meaningful research too, which is why this top-tier institution welcomes the curious with open arms. Hear it from students like Kausthubh Chandramouli from India, who is pursuing a BEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering:

“As someone who wants to work as a researcher or an innovator, I have had multiple opportunities at PolyU to conduct inter-disciplinary research with world-class professors and scholars in my department, for example, through the Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme, which has ignited my academic curiosity and sharpened my critical thinking skills.”

For PolyU students, intellectual training is gained beyond borders too. Kausthubh acquired cultural perspectives and grew his network as an exchange student at the University of Wisconsin–Madison — an opportunity made possible by PolyU’s overseas learning opportunities.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Kausthubh Chandramouli, a BEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering student, took advanced courses in scientific computing, machine learning, and applied mathematics during his exchange at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Source: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Thanks to PolyU’s global partnerships and networks across continents, fourth-year students get to explore various academic systems and cultures. One of the highlights of his academics during the exchange programme was his final project for the Introduction to Scientific Computing course. “We were required to choose a challenging scientific problem that required a computational approach to solve, and I ended up writing software to analyse the vibrations of a circular drum. It was exciting and interesting,” Kausthubh shares.

“The experience really helped me understand how to approach a complex project by breaking it down into smaller components, how to push through challenges when they arise, and most importantly when to ask for help.”

Pairing this stint and his PolyU education, Kausthubh is sure of his ability to take his next academic step with full confidence.

“The exchange semester helped validate my plan to pursue a PhD degree after my undergraduate studies through my interactions with prominent professors and graduate students in the university,” Kausthubh says. “I got a better feel for what life would be like as a graduate student, what I can realistically expect from a PhD degree, and what the possible career paths are in academic and industrial research.”

The future is just as promising for other PolyU graduates, whether they’re seeking to join their respective industries or pursue further study. Their alma mater is ranked 71st in the World (QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022), and their peers can be found at prestigious universities in Australia, Canada, the UK, the US and more. PolyU is certainly a force to be reckoned with in Hong Kong as a gateway to global job markets.

International students looking to start their undergraduate study will also be happy to hear that the university offers an Entry Scholarship, which played a massive role in getting Kausthubh to where he is today. This scholarship — worth HKD$ 50,000 — is awarded to selected students during their first year of study. Students are welcome to renew the award upon meeting certain conditions.

So what are you waiting for? The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s 2023/24 entry is still open for application before May 31, 2023. Submit your application here now or click here instead for more information.

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