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Give your child the best with North Cedar Academy’s Summer Camp 2023

The skies are serene and blue, the weather is heating up, and neighbourhoods alight with children playing on the streets. This can only mean one thing, summer is upon you.

As parents, keeping your children occupied during the holidays can be nerve-racking. You probably wonder what’s the best way for your child to stay active in mind, body and soul now that school is out.

Summer school is the answer you are looking for.

It is so much more than just studying or taking extra classes over the school break. Think of it as an enrichment programme that can earn your child important life skills and prepare them for their next steps.

Or if you have just moved into the neighbourhood and your child is about to start school, fun activities like biking, watching movies, hiking and visiting attractions will guarantee new friends. Most importantly, it could make up for time lost during the COVID-19 pandemic too, where children lost about one-third of a school year’s worth of knowledge and skills, according to a new global analysis.

North Cedar Academy is a private, international boarding school for students in grades nine to 12 in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Its summer camp is filled with fun activities and programmes for students to explore the outdoors and discover new passions. It also offers a scholarly environment to help students improve their English or prepare for the ACT or SAT.

Situated on 96 acres overlooking the Flambeau River, North Cedar Academy is surrounded by beautiful forestry, scenic Midwest lakes, and plenty of fresh air. All these make it the perfect spot for a memorable summer camp that students will never forget.

The Summer Camp 2023 will run from July 3 to July 17, 2023, and on July 23 to August 6, 2023. If your child cannot attend on those dates, the school is flexible and will offer groups of students alternate dates.

If you are expecting the costs to be sky-high, don’t be. A two-week session will cost US$3,400, and the one-week camp option US$1,800. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to spend on something designed to be an exciting and educational experience for their child.

Source: North Cedar Academy

The two pathways will enhance and help students in their lessons. Source: North Cedar Academy

At camp, students can choose from two pathways – English Language Learning /TOEFL Prep and Testing or College Prep and ACT/SAT Readiness.

Whichever they choose, their days are set to be dynamic. Breakfast is served at 8.30 am, and right after, students will spend mornings learning, depending on the pathway chosen. Experts and native English-speaking mentors lead both pathways to hone language skills or polish SAT testing abilities.

Lunch is served at noon, then students have Science lessons for an hour. It’s then resting time that concludes all the classroom learning that your child will do.

Then comes the fun stuff. In the afternoons, students join their counsellors on day trips to other cities, local attractions or amusement parks.

If you are from another country and have heard of the great American experience, your child will now get to experience it for themselves. Malls, museums, beaches, and restaurants are all part of the excursions in store. The evenings and nights will be full of games, movies or campfires under the stars.

Source: North Cedar Academy

There are many different activities for students to choose from during the camp. Source: North Cedar Academy

High school seniors on the verge of deciding where to go for their higher education will be happy to know visiting college campuses is part of the itinerary here. The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire are a few of the universities that are commonly toured.

One of the best parts of summer camp is having new friends and tasting independence together (though always with supervisors ready to help). Here, students will stay in double rooms in its campus dormitory, headed by trained dorm supervisors.

You need not worry about your child’s safety as the academy is well-recognised for its campus security. Known as the largest “city” in Rusk County, Wisconsin, Ladysmith boasts a crime rate that is 75% below the national average.

Within their dorm rooms and when not exploring nature or visiting places, students have plenty of time to bond with each other. Campus hikes, e-sports gaming facilities, and sand volleyball are just a few of the activities students can do together. NCA also provides

students with free wifi, laundry facilities, & snack nooks around campus.

For those who love the outdoors, there’s also plenty for them to challenge themselves with. They can try kayaking, hiking, soccer, badminton and more. After working up a sweat with all those fun activities, international chefs are there to tantalise taste buds with their favourite meals from all over the globe.

If this sounds appealing to you, then don’t wait any further. There are so many benefits to participating in a summer camp like this. Time management skills, self-discipline, and chances to explore new activities and forge even closer friendships with peers are just a tiny part of the all-inclusive experience your child will get here.

North Cedar Academy’s Summer Camp is designed to provide students with new adventures while enhancing their academic skills. Register your child here.

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