Getting away with cheating: Student jots down notes on legs for exam
Forget gadgets, a student has taken cheating in exams to another level - notes on her legs. Source: Shutterstock

Forget about sophisticated devices. Sometimes the best gadget is one you already have: Your own body.

The Daily Mail reports one Chinese student has been smuggling notes in during exams by writing them on her legs, as seen in photos her classmate posted on Chinese social media.

“I burst out laughing, literally. This is how my classmate cheats on her exams! Exams are never an easy test, right? Hahahaha, hope this post will make her famous!” captions the post, which has since gone viral.

This crafty trick comes in the wake of China stepping up its crackdown on cheating during exams. In the recent national college entrance exams, known as the “gaokao”, authorities deployed drones, facial recognition software and metal detectors to catch the cheats, reports Reuters.

Authorities say they were forced to take such action as there have been rife instances of cheating by students using various wireless devices and earpieces.

It is unclear whether this latest stunt on legs was for the “gaokao” or otherwise.

While the accounting notes may have helped the student during the exam, having evidence she has cheated during exams posted on social media is surely a self-incriminating act, something netizens were quick to point out.

One user Delidelidellideli said:

“So she thinks it’s cool to tell everyone she is cheating?”

Another user said: “What’s the point of taking exams if you’re gonna cheat in it?”

China has said it is prepared to slap jail time on those who help facilitate mass cheating or pay others to take the “gaokao” on their behalf.

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