George Washington School of Business: Engaging the world from the nation’s capital
Source: George Washington University

The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) is a world-class global education provider located in the heart of the US capital, Washington, DC. GWSB is devoted to putting students’ interests first, preparing them to be the business leaders of tomorrow.

Offering four-year degrees in accountancy, business administration and finance, GWSB’s undergraduate program fully prepares students for their next step, whether beginning a successful career or continuing their studies at graduate school level.

For graduate students, GWSB offers a variety of MBA programs, specialized master’s programs, doctoral and executive education programs, as well as innovative graduate certificate programs in a wide range of disciplines.

GWSB’s unique location is one of the school’s greatest strengths. The GWSB Foggy Bottom campus shares the neighborhood with US federal agencies, international organizations, businesses, trade and advocacy associations, and nonprofits.

The US Departments of State and the Treasury, as well as the White House, are within walking distance, as are the World Bank and International Monetary Fund headquarters. The world diplomatic community is also nearby, with many of the more than 170 foreign embassies in Washington, DC, within a mile of campus.

The school takes full advantage of its proximity to government agencies, businesses, and international organizations. National and international leaders — from heads of state to captains of industry and visionary entrepreneurs — frequently speak on campus.

Here, students have unmatched access to first-hand observation and study of some of the most important and influential organizations in the world. The relationship between GWSB and Washington, DC, frequently results in student internships, and after graduation, long-term employment opportunities.

Source: George Washington University

GWSB has earned a well-deserved reputation as a global institution with a global outlook. Its student body is diverse, with students coming to GWSB from all over the world. While GWSB welcomes the world to its campus, it also goes confidently out into the world, with an extensive array of long and short-term study-abroad and consulting programs offered.

GWSB has made the world its classroom. In its commitment to seeking, recruiting and retaining top teaching talent, GWSB also has a diverse faculty comprised of top experts in their fields.

In addition to teaching excellence, GWSB is renowned for the cutting-edge research conducted by its faculty. The school is home to more than a dozen research centers, each dedicated to expanding the shared knowledge of a specific aspect of the business world.

The following are just a few of GWSB’s research centers:

  • The Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis (CREUA) is led by Christopher Leinberger, Charles Bendit Distinguished Scholar and research professor, and is devoted to developing a first-rate real estate curriculum for students at the School of Business, also conducting influential real estate research in walkable urban place development and management, international real estate, and housing finance policy.

CREUA’s “Walk-Up” reports on Atlanta, Boston, Michigan metro areas, New York City and Washington, DC, have revolutionized modern understanding of our urban centers.

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Lusardi, GFLEC works with partners in Washington, DC, throughout the United States, and across the globe to raise the level of financial knowledge, and is widely acknowledged as the leading authority on financial education.

Source: George Washington University

  • The Institute for Corporate Responsibility (ICR), under the direction of John Forrer, Associate Research Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy, focuses on issues of ethics and how businesses — and businesspeople — can be “good citizens.”

The ICR has done important work in the areas of corporate governance, conflict-free chocolate, the “better world learning community,” re-imagining sustainable supply chain governance, and issues surrounding sugar, obesity and corporate responsibility.

GWSB’s strengths in classroom instruction and teaching are more than matched in its co-curricular programs, especially by the exceptional record of achievement compiled by the school’s F. David Fowler Career Center (FDFCC). Much more than an “employment service,” the FDFCC provides GWSB undergraduate and graduate students with the lifelong career-management skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive employment market.

The FDFCC provides extensive career services, including résumé instruction, interview preparation, career fairs and out-of-town “career treks.” The center’s unique Communities of Practice program grants students access to working professionals through counseling and mentoring relationships. The program supplies students with up-to-the-minute information they need to be job-ready for a career in their chosen field.

Completing the GWSB Community is an exceptionally loyal and active alumni network. GWSB graduates have made their mark in every aspect of business, as well as in public service. GWSB alumni demonstrate a remarkable devotion to their alma mater, keeping in close touch to support the school and, especially, its students and fellow graduates.

The university’s namesake once said, “Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness.” The George Washington University School of Business is proud to find inspiration in those words and to do its part to prove them true.

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