How to future-proof your career
Source: University of Southern Queensland

Do you aspire to become a highly-skilled and highly-capable business manager? Since the modern workplace is in a constant state of change, employers are looking for recruits to demonstrate a dedication to understanding new dynamic expertise that result in lifelong learning.  This means that a postgraduate degree is becoming essential for future-proofing your career, helping you elevate your résumé, upskill and take your career to the next level.

Once you have decided to enrol in further study, the next question you should ask is, “What sort of postgraduate degree should I undertake?”

A recent study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE, 2016), suggests that Masters degrees in Computing Science, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Information Systems, and the Master of Business Administration (MBA)  round out the top 5 degrees that are most in-demand among contemporary employers.

The next questions you could ask are, “Where should I study and what mode should I study in?”

Source: University of Southern Queensland

Elements students must consider in answer to these questions are: the credibility of the degrees on offer (for example, accreditation and rankings); the location of the degree for on-campus study (consider safety and cost of living); the flexibility of the offers (can you mix part-time and full-time study with online and on-campus options, for example); and learning support and infrastructure.

Source: University of Southern Queensland

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia, offers accredited and highly-ranked Masters degrees in Information Systems (MISP) and Business Administration (MBA), as well as postgraduate pathway degrees like the  Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma.

USQ offers all degrees in flexible modes, catering for a range of learning and lifestyle needs.  Degrees can be studied on-campus or totally online, as well as via a blend of the two, allowing students to tailor their studies to their busy work and personal lives.

USQ has two different MBA degrees to choose from depending on the stage in your career and your aspirations.  The traditional MBA is a 12-course degree that requires three years’ relevant professional work experience as an entry requirement.  USQ lets students tailor their degree by offering the option to choose three electives from the postgraduate suite of courses.  Students can either choose any three electives for a general specialisation, or, three prescribed electives for a named specialisation in areas such as Leadership, Digital Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business and Strategic Marketing.

The Master of Business Administration International is a 16-course degree that only requires one year of relevant work experience, specifically honing in on the global marketplace.  This degree still allows some limited areas of specialisation, but is definitely more geared to preparing students for work in an international business environment.

Source: University of Southern Queensland

The Masters of Information Systems (MISP) is an accredited degree at the professional level by the Australian Computer Society. The degree has been growing at about 8 percent a year since 2014, and graduates of the program are well sought-after by the IT industry, with over 75 percent nor firmly in employment, with an average commencing salary of over $58, 000 p.a., and overall satisfaction over 85 percent (Quality Indicator for Learning and Teaching, 2017). The degree combines theoretical components with practical application such as Business Intelligence and Project Management, instilling the technology management expertise students desperately need.

USQ is ranked the Number One University in Australia for Graduate Employment (Good Universities Guide, 2017), has high quality indicators in Learning and Teaching (QILT), and is ranked within the top 5 for MBA programs in Australia* (Financial Review Boss Magazine, 2015).   Toowoomba is only one hour and 30 minutes’ drive from Brisbane and offers a safe, affordable option for on-campus students.  USQ provides the perfect suite of degrees for your next study venture.

Source: University of Southern Queensland

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