Future finance and math leaders get ahead of the curve at this UK university

Future finance and math leaders get ahead of the curve at this UK university
Source: Durham University

At Durham University in the UK, international students join a vibrant student community where they are supported in all aspects.

Jessica Sham, a student from Hong Kong studying economics, is enjoying life at university thus far.

Like many others, she was drawn to Durham because of its collegiate system, high rankings and wide range of extra-curricular activities.

The reality meets these expectations.

She said, “Durham University and its community are incredibly welcoming and represent a really diverse range of cultures, and I have really enjoyed learning about different cultures by joining various cultural societies and meeting people in my course and college.”

“I have learnt how to be more independent and I have also learnt how to make plenty of new dishes!”

She was also attracted to the beautiful city of Durham, a picturesque city in northeast England, south of Newcastle upon Tyne.

There are a number of quaint landmarks for international students to explore during their time here such as the Romanesque Durham Cathedral and Norman Durham Castle.

Source: Durham University

In Durham University itself, there is a lush Botanic Garden with woodland and tropical plants and an Oriental Museum exhibiting Asian, Egyptian and Middle Eastern artefacts.

Although it’s difficult to visit the actual campus before arriving, Jessica said, international students don’t need to worry as they will soon find themselves part of a great community.

“I would say definitely consider applying to Durham. I know that it’s difficult for international students to visit Durham before applying, but I strongly believe that Durham University really provides a great international experience, because it puts effort into taking care of its international students, and creates an environment that makes us feel welcome,” she said.

Preparing future finance analysts for international settings

For the number-savvy who want to pursue careers in finance and mathematics, Durham University is an excellent choice for the calibre of programmes they offer international students.

Students in the specialist BSc in Finance programme will be well-prepared to join the finance industry due to the blend of theoretical and practical knowledge they acquire.

In the first year, students learn the key fundamentals of examining and evaluating modern financial markets. They can also take optional modules in business, global economics or foreign languages.

In the second year, they go on to learn how to analyse and interpret financial data and price financial securities using quantitative tools, as well as financial transactions that impact global markets. They also take a compulsory macroeconomics module and an optional module in law, accounting, tax or foreign languages.

In their final year, students take a compulsory finance module where they develop skills in the theory and applications of investment and portfolio management. They have to complete a dissertation – analysing their choice of research question in finance – and choose three optional modules in specific areas of finance based on their interests.

Equipping future leaders in mathematics with analytical skills

At the Department of Mathematical Sciences, undergraduate students learn from research-led programmes, which introduce them to sophisticated methods of mathematical argument so that they develop problem-solving and analytical thinking from the get-go.

Source: Durham University

Teaching in the Mathematics course is conducted via lectures and tutorials where students can interact with their peers in discussions, developing skills such as collaboration and critical thinking.

For those more inclined to statistics, there is the three-year BsC Mathematics and Statistics course where students develop a strong foundation in both areas while learning about exciting developments in the field.

In their final year, students take on a 40-credit capstone project where they tackle a theoretical or applied problem in-depth, with the possibility of working with a company or organisation to develop practical skills.

At Durham, there are also distinct programmes in Mathematics where students can acquire practical and hands-on learning, such as the BSc Mathematics with Placement option.

Those in the BSc Mathematics with Year Abroad programme can also apply for a year abroad, which provides them with valuable international exposure.

Want to get ahead of the curve and become a leader in finance or math? Check out Durham University for its quality student experience and supportive community. 

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