From Portugal to Boston: The Lisbon MBA’s MIT Sloan immersion experience


Most of today’s thriving businesses operate on an international scale, forming partnerships and reaching clientele in far corners of the world. Those who wish to become future industry leaders, then, should look towards building up the right skills and knowledge with an understanding of the challenges and opportunities present in a globalized world. And that is precisely what The Lisbon MBA International Full Time program offers their students.

The one-year, full-time program is a joint-venture between the two leading business schools in Portugal – Católica-Lisbon and Nova SBE. The program, ranked among the best MBAs in Europe and the world, is designed to equip students with the management competencies that will ensure their success no matter where they are. But the crown jewel of the program is its exclusive partnership with the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management – it is the only MBA program in Europe that offers a one-month immersion experience at MIT’s Boston campus.

Discover below what students of The Lisbon MBA International Full Time program stand to gain from the collaboration between the world’s leading business schools:

Develop global perspectives

Prior to the one-month immersion, MIT faculty members travel to Lisbon to teach special courses and workshops in the program’s Friday Forum sessions, where students are encouraged to learn more about themselves in order to improve on their potential.

In the month of June, students undertaking The Lisbon MBA will then get the opportunity to spend four weeks in Boston, Massachusetts in the U.S., taking classes and developing their network among the best and brightest minds. Besides that, they will have access to top-notch facilities and resources, including MIT’s professors, its extensive libraries and well-equipped learning centres.

Students will be able to observe first-hand the business culture and customs as practiced in the U.S., one of the world’s central hubs for business. Throughout the duration of the immersion experience, students will pursue constructive courses such as Global Compliance and Ethical Issues, Global Markets and Strategy, and Managing Technological Innovation and Leadership.

The program’s emphasis on globally adaptable skills and know-how will prove to be an advantage for graduates of the program, helping them to quickly acclimatize to the fast-paced changes in the world of business. They will also get to visit several prominent companies based in Boston and pick their brains about how they were able to achieve success.

Widen personal and professional networks

Of course, it’s not all work and no play. Boston is the ideal student town, as it is not only home to the world’s top two universities – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University – but it also has more than 20 other institutions based within the city.

With such a large student population, it’s no surprise then that there are a vast number of entertainment and night-life options to choose from. In their downtime, for example, students can take a Duck Tour to explore the city’s historical landmarks both on and off the waterfront, learn how to sail on the Charles River, check out the boutique shops in Boston’s charming south end or take a break from classes at the Liberty Hotel, a popular night-time destination for locals and visitors. Students should also find it easy to get around with the city’s public transportation system.

During their stay in Boston, students will be able to expand their professional and personal networks, forming connections that will stand them in good stead as they build their careers.

MIT Sloan Affiliate Status

The benefits that students reap from The Lisbon MBA don’t end once they finish the program. Graduates of The Lisbon MBA International program are granted Affiliate Status in the MIT Sloan Alumni Association. Affiliates are those who have completed their MBAs with the support of MIT Sloan’s global partnerships. By being featured in the MIT Sloan Alumni Directory, students will have access to an ever-growing network of business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Along with becoming a member of the esteemed MIT Sloan alumni, graduates will be able to register for MIT Sloan club events, join discussion groups, and enter or update their personal contact information as needed. They will also get the opportunity to participate in most MIT Sloan regional clubs and affinity groups, and will receive the MIT Sloan Alumni e-newsletter. Besides that, graduates will get to keep a e-mail address for life.

‘An extraordinary experience’

Graduates of The Lisbon MBA have left glowing testimonials of their experiences during the MIT Sloan immersion:

Class of 2015 graduate Jaime Parodi Bardón of Spain said: “The MIT one-month immersion is definitely one of the main claims of The Lisbon MBA and, therefore, it was one of the most expected events of the whole year.

“The classes were awesome not only because of the content but also the format and the dynamics created by the faculty.”

He added that the students also found the time to enjoy the city and visit places nearby, such as New York and Cape Cod.

Bárbara Costa, also a 2015 graduate, had this to say: “I really enjoyed being part of a fascinating and entrepreneurial environment. The faculty is remarkable and the classes are designed to engage us in challenging discussions. We also had the opportunity to meet with some companies and institutions, complementing our immersion with the entrepreneurial experience.”

Frederico Barreira, who graduated in 2014, said: “I believe that faculty is largely responsible for the success of this 1-month program. We had the opportunity to have classes on very interesting subjects and at the same time experience different teaching styles.”              

He also said that their access to top-notch professors with great experience provided them a great learning opportunity.

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