Friendly ginger cat at German university offers cuddles to help students destress

How do you manage stress when you’re feeling swamped with assignments or exams?

If you ask students at the University of Augsburg in Bavaria, southern Germany, they’ll tell you all about their very own campus cat!

Her exact origins remain something of a mystery, but whenever a student is feeling down, this cute ginger feline will magically appear for a comforting cuddle.


She’s been a mainstay at the campus for years, apparently, ever since she was around a year old, and students absolutely adore her.

It’s easy to spot her, as she’s either lounging on someone’s lap or taking a nap in the sun.

One of her favorite spots to hang out is the library, where students come looking for her when they’re in need of a study break.

“It became almost a routine and took away the stress from everyone a bit,” said a student.


Some students affectionately refer to her as “Sammy”, but her real name is unknown, though it is known that she has an owner and home nearby the campus.

Someone even runs a Facebook page and Instagram account, where photos and videos of Sammy’s adventures on campus are shared.

Here are some photos posted by students of Sammy doing what she does best!


Pic: CampusCatAux/Facebook



Pic: CampusCatAux/Facebook



Pic: CampusCatAux/Facebook



Pic: CampusCatAux/Facebook


Hmm, perhaps it should be made compulsory for every campus to have its own official campus cat … What do you think?

Images via CampusCatAux/Facebook

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