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Studying abroad as a student is definitely an experience not to be missed. Going on a trip around a foreign country, visiting historical sites and indulging in the local dishes – there are countless experiences to be discovered. 

But of course, these plans don’t always come free. While some countries permit international students to have part-time jobs, some countries are stricter regarding this. Thankfully, there are alternatives such as freelancing that you can consider. 

If you’re seeking to achieve financial independence as a student, check out these four free and quality freelance websites to earn some extra cash. 


Upwork is one of the more popular remote work platforms that allows anyone to offer up their skills as a freelancer. Regardless of your profession, you’ll be able to find any jobs you’re looking for, making it perfect for students.

Businesses or clients will put up job postings and wait for freelancers to apply. Or they can hire workers who specialise in particular tasks using the Project Catalogue.

Alternatively, once you’ve created a profile and added the necessary information that showcases your skills, personality and experience, freelancers themselves can also respond to job posts directly or wait to be discovered by clients. 

A huge benefit with Upwork is their payment protection for clients and freelancers on hourly and fixed-price projects, giving both parties a peace of mind. 

You are required to create a free account to view the full job listing. New to freelancing? These tips can guide you on how to create a successful freelancer profile.


One of the most popular freelance websites, Fiverr caters to digital freelancers and their services. From content creation and video production to app design, digital freelancers can find almost any other type of project they want to work on. 

Fiverr operates on a straightforward concept of buy-and-sell. Freelancers can create free profile listings of the services they offer without bidding or pitching and businesses can purchase the services that work best for their projects. 

What’s more, the platform also offers online courses to help freelancers learn skills relevant to them. 

Registration is free for those interested.


Exclusive to designers, Designhill connects freelance artists and designers to businesses seeking services for website, logo and catalogue design. There’s a wide range of categories for freelancers to market their skills, such as packaging and labelling, illustration and art and even social media. 

The community has over 125,000 designers and artists from nearly 52 countries, bringing the world’s best creative talent to businesses without leaving their desks.

What’s unique about Designhill is its support towards freelancers and their personal business. The platform offers resources that help freelancers open their own stores to global clients. To further ease the starting process, there are also management tools that can help freelancers measure profits, make business cards, and create digital marketing materials.

The best part? Freelance websites such as Designhill don’t charge any service fees and it is fully free to use.

AngelList Talent

AngelList Talent works slightly differently compared to the other freelance websites above. Unlike the previous platforms, AngelList Talent connects freelancers and other job seekers with positions at startup companies in particular. 

Freelancers have to create a profile on the site to showcase their skills and wait for companies to reach out to you about your services. On top of that, you can be considered for thousands of startups with a single application. 

The website operates with full transparency, allowing you to see information about a job you’re applying for. This includes important considerations such as the job’s salary level and the company’s investors. 

However, the entry-level jobs listed may require some prior experience and may not be entirely suitable for those new to freelancing.

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