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Good keyboarding habits will not only lead to better communication, but it’s a skill that 99% of the world needs (seeing as we live in a digital era). Source: Greg Baker/AFP

Typing is an important skill and the most effective way of communication that will never be outdated. The best way for you to level up? Typing games.

Good keyboarding habits will not only lead to better communication, but it’s a skill that 99% of the world needs (seeing as we live in a digital era). 

Typing games also help you save time. Touch typing (when you type with all of your fingers without looking at your keys) is a skill that’s used for a productive work environment. Below, we go through a list of the best free typing games every student should check out:

Cooldog Teaches Typing

We’re not quite sure why your pet can teach you typing but this game has three lessons filled with funny paragraphs to work through. Some of the lines don’t make sense but you need to copy them as they appear on the screen. 

Typing Ninja

Similar to the famous mobile app game, Fruit Ninja, this is on our list of typing games because it’s fun. Instead of slicing fruits, you’d be typing letters and there are three levels of difficulty.

Ghost Typing

Just in time for Halloween, this is one of the best typing games to help you increase your speed. Your mission is to type the words that appear on screen quickly before the ghosts in the background get too close. 

Typing Attack

Learning how to type words and practise your spelling all rolled into one game. Here, each word that appears on screen will help improve your English language knowledge. Shooting aliens with a laser while you speed type is a great way to improve your skills. 

Nitro Typing Racer


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This is for the racing fans. This game is a race against time by writing short and easy words using the spacebar to launch and jump over other cars. Your job is to type as fast as possible and avoid hitting other racers — you’ll be working up a keyboard storm in no time. 

Spacebar Invaders

Aliens are real, at least in this game, they are. Your goal is to type the words that appear beneath the aliens and UFOs before they reach the bottom of the screen to earn points. 


Do you know that scene in Wild West movies where the villain ties his enemy on railroad tracks? Well, here you get to play that villain and your job is to type out the victory speech before your enemy escapes. Accuracy is key here. 

Hot Type

One of the best retro 1980s aesthetics and typing games is Hot Type. It also has synthesised beats and a timed pop-up window as a little warm-up exercise for your fingers. Your goal is to type as many words as you can before the bar runs out or before your fingers cramp up.