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If you are on Reddit, check out these threads to learn something new. Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America/Getty Images/AFP

Reddit is the Internet’s best unknown resource of free online classes. The social media platform has countless forums and channels that cater to specific topics that help approximately 430 million monthly users — including you, the student in need of quick and useful info.

Unsure of where to look? Alex Brogan, who works in Web3 (an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web) crypto and growth marketing, tweeted about the best subreddits to advance your learning. Here’s what you can learn from them:

8 Reddit threads that offer the best, free online classes

1. r/explainlikeimfive

Are you struggling to explain or understand complicated concepts? With this channel, you can find answers to a wide array of deep questions — answers so well explained that even a five-year-0ld can get it.

For example, how do birds like falcons come out of a steep dive at speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour without being ripped apart by air resistance when they spread their wings? Try explaining the answer concisely to your friend. Now, do that to a five-year-old. 

2. r/coolguides

If Reddit threads are not enough to help you understand complex concepts, try this channel where you can find photographic reference guides to help explain the complexities of our world. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Here, you’ll find answers to questions like how trauma impacts the brain, ways to meditate, google shortcuts or even ways to identify different types of lights in the sky — and many more. 

3. r/changemyview

Want to change your view on certain perspectives? The r/changemyview channel can help you achieve that.

Discuss topics like the concept of “fear of missing out” or crime control in the US. Test your opinion, refine your points and find flaws in your arguments through these conversations. Who knows? You might learn a thing or two about a current affair — which can pay off, in the long run, to help you ace your job interviews. 

4. r/InternetIsBeautiful 

Need a place to find the internet’s best websites and tools? Try browsing through the r/InternetIsBeautiful channel. 

Expect to find smart artificial intelligence (AI) tools, websites that curate high-performing products, an online dictionary for design or tech jargons and more. There is even an expressive voice cloning model to generate speech with true human-like expressiveness and realism. 

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With the expressive voice cloning model, you can make yourself sound like Kevin Hart, Joe Rogan and other famous celebrities. Source: David Livingston/Getty Images North America/Getty Images/AFP

5. r/lifehacks

As the name suggests, discover unique solutions to common problems on this channel.  

For example, you can silence your unbalanced washer with a pool noodle or get a good men’s haircut if you tell them it is for a wedding or family photo. If you want to keep coffee grounds from sticking to the sides of the grinder, sprinkle a few drops of water on the beans before grinding. 

6. r/educationalgifs

What’s a better way to learn new information quickly in a digestible format? GIFs. They are a series of images or soundless videos that will loop continuously and don’t require you to press play.

Visual learners will enjoy the content on this channel. From determining the sunrise location throughout the year to learning how cookie cutters are made, there are many GIFs for you to discover something new.

7. r/dataisbeautiful

Another channel hopping on the bandwagon with visual learning is r/dataisbeautiful. It contains visualisations of noteworthy trends and global datasets like the US median household income, the world’s largest healthcare companies or the democracy index at Formula 1 race venues.

8. r/LifeProTips

Last but not least, this channel contains self-improvement tips to live a better life. It has content similar to r/lifehacks, such as easy ways to remove a sticker, exciting traditions to practise in your family, or how to erase a permanent marker from a dry eraser board.