free for students
These are the best things you can do and get for free as a student in the UK. Source: Niklas Halle'n/AFP

One of the best things about being a student is all the stuff you can get for free. In the UK, student discounts are aplenty — but attaining freebies is just as common, and often much easier to get compared to other popular higher education destinations. 

This is welcome news for incoming students, as you won’t have to sacrifice unique experiences due to a tight budget. 

Here are our picks of the best things and experiences that are free for students, as well as how to get your hands on them. 

free for students

From museums to months-long trials, there are plenty of things that are free for students in the UK. Source: Daniel Leal/AFP

Best UK things and experiences that are free for students

Freshers Fair

If you’re a student in the UK, you’ve surely heard of Freshers Fair. As the one-stop destination for all your university’s clubs and societies, Freshers Fair is one of the biggest and most exciting events of the first term. 

It’s likely that you’re planning to pay a visit to the large expanse of stalls, fairs, and even fitness classes. However, you may not know that there’s a greater incentive to attend Freshers Fair: most, if not all, of the stalls advertised at the venue will be giving out freebies. 

These could span from university essentials like notebooks and pens to vouchers for free experiences, meals, and more. This makes Freshers Fair unmissable — so make sure you carve some time out of your day for the annual event. 

Sign up for free trials

As a student, you’ll be issued a student card from your university. This will officially give you status as an individual eligible for a variety of free trials — and in this, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Here are some of our picks of the best trials that are free for students right now: 

There are many museums you can visit for free in the UK. Source: Carlos Jasso/AFP

Visit one of many free museums

One of the best parts of being a student in the UK is the access to plenty of free spaces — with museums making the top of the list. Most if not all museums in the UK are free, giving you plenty of room to explore and indulge in cultural and historical facts to your heart’s content. 

Some of the best museums in the world can be found in London, including the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, and the Victoria and Albert (V&A). That’s not to distract from the many galleries with priceless paintings on display — from the National Portrait Gallery to The Tate Modern. 

Museums outside of London are just as worthwhile. These include The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford — which happens to be Britain’s first public museum — and The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery in Exeter. 

Keep a lookout for any birthday freebies

Many other things are free for students in the UK — especially during your birthday month.

You may recall that many forms you sign up for ask you to input your birthday. Never skip out on this step, as you could be the bearer of free gifts: discounted clothes, free experiences, free meals, and more. 

There are just as many free things and experiences outside London for students, too. Source: Justin Tallis/AFP

Take advantage of this free CV review

Corporations and organisations understand that as a student, you’re continuously looking to improve yourself. More than that, they know that you’ll be anxious to better your CV in the hopes of landing that summer internship, placement, or entry-level job. 

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Join product testing websites

What’s better than receiving exciting new products for free? Not much — which is why product testing websites are some of the best platforms you can join as a student. 

Here, you can receive a variety of free things: technology, food, cosmetics, books, clothes, and more. All you have to do is register an account on a product testing website, provide your details, and, when you receive your product, leave a detailed review of your thoughts on it. 

Not sure where to start? Have a look at the best product testing websites here