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These footballers prove that they have the brains and the brawn. Source: Shutterstock

Football is one of the world’s most popular sports. 

Top players often go on to become household names for their prowess on the pitch, while those in the upper echelons can earn more in a week than an average worker does in a year.

And they typically accomplish this without a degree under their belt. 

Despite that, the tide is changing. Professional footballers are aware of the short career lifespan their trade entails and realise the importance of getting a degree upon hanging up their boots.

For instance, after getting a degree, former Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany was quoted saying: “I’ve always felt education is very important and this was instilled into me by my late mother from an early age.” 

He added: “When you’re playing football at the top levels, even managing your personal finances starts to become like running a business. It was important to me that I understood what my accountant was talking about and that I could confidently assess a business plan to take ownership of this area of my life.”

Kompany is one of the many footballers to have gone down this route to safeguard his earnings and future career. 

Do you know other footballers like Kompany and their educational backgrounds? Let’s find out:

1. Former Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany can proudly say that he has ...

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2. How brainy is former Brazil captain Socrates?

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3. What degree does former Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata have?

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4. What degree did Manchester City midfielder Rodrigo Hernández Cascante pursue?

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