Florida Institute of Technology crowned the most international US university
One-third of Florida Institute of Technology students are from overseas. Source: Facebook

One-third (33 percent) of Florida Institute of Technology students are from overseas – the highest percentage of international students for the 2015-2016 academic year in US News Short List.

The school beat 296 other ranked institutions that submitted data for the US News Short List.

New York’s New School and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) took second and third place respectively – 32.4 percent of New School’s undergrad cohort are international while 26.5 percent of IIT’s undergrad cohort are from abroad.

On the flip side, only 0.3 percent of St John Fisher College’s 2,805-strong undergraduate cohort are international students – the lowest percentage on the list.

More than 1,800 colleges and universities were surveyed for US News’ 2016 overall survey of undergraduate programmes which is mainly used for its annual Best Colleges rankings.

This US News Short List ranking schools according to the representation of international students is a separate and smaller scale list of rankings. Schools self-reported their data on academic programmes and student body composition to US News.

Here are the top 10 schools with the highest percentage of undergraduate international student enrollment during the 2015-2016 school year:

National University (state) Percentage of international students Total undergraduate enrollment US News rank
Florida Institute of Technology 33 3,586 171 (tie)
New School (NY) 32.40 6,792 129 (tie)
Illinois Institute of Technology 26.50 2,991 103 (tie)
University of Tulsa (OK) 25.80 3,478 86 (tie)
Suffolk University (MA) 23.20 5,565 188 (tie)
University of California—San Diego 22.80 26,590 44 (tie)
Carnegie Mellon University (PA) 22.40 6,454 24 (tie)
Boston University 20.50 17,932 39 (tie)
Brandeis University (MA) 20 3,621 34 (tie)
Northeastern University (MA) 19.90 13,697 39 (tie)

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