Florida Gulf Coast University: The start of many thriving business careers
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Florida Gulf Coast University: The start of many thriving business careers

“Excellence” is the main keyword in Lutgert College of Business’s (LCOB) vision statement – and excellence is what you’ll get from a business education here. The AACSB-accredited college offers high quality programmes that prepare students to thrive in their future professional careers.

LCOB is part of Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), which offers many programmes for bright students to expand their knowledge, hone skills and then apply them in their pursuit of career success. But none involve you with the industry as deeply as LCOB’s graduate degrees do. These get students immersed deep in structured programmes and connected to potential future employers.

“My personal goal has always been to pursue my MBA after I graduated from college since I knew that higher education leads to career advancement,” says an MBA student. “I found my passion in marketing while I was pursuing my undergraduate degree at FGCU. Therefore, I decided to obtain a full-time job in marketing while earning my MBA. I wanted to apply what I was learning in the classroom directly to my job.”

This is made possible at FGCU through the Lutgert Mentorship Programme. It facilitates meaningful connections between students and industry leaders, giving students insight into the ins and outs of the world of business. Building a strong sense of community among students and their mentors benefits both parties as they pave their way to success together.

Graduate assistantships provide another avenue for students to nurture important relationships as they save money and gain experience. It’s a great way to receive financial support for the in-state portion of your tuition as well as a bi-weekly stipend for 20 hours of graduate assistantship work per week. Along with financial support, students are paired with faculty members from departments that relate to the student’s degree programme. This gives them first-hand access to faculty resources like the library, research data, and many more – allowing students to achieve even more during their time at LCOB.

The most outstanding students are invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS), an international honor society, in spring each year. Only the top 5% of business programmes worldwide are privileged to host a chapter of BGS, and only the top 20% of master’s candidates are invited to join each year. This membership signals excellence to colleagues and potential employers, and marks a person as one of the top students at LCOB.

Source: Florida Gulf Coast University

Career-advancing graduate degrees

An LCOB graduate degree can do a lot for your professional development. It’ll improve your job satisfaction, help you tackle new challenges, give you opportunities for more autonomy, and improve your income potential.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has a challenging curriculum that’s ideal for those seeking executive, supervisory and management positions in various types of businesses. There are 8 concentrations to choose from: Accounting/Taxation, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Health Care Management, Hospitality Management, Information Systems and Management/Leadership. Whichever you pick, you’ll be trained to apply analytical, technical and behavioural tools to solve organisational problems.

If you are more inclined towards Big Data and its application in business, consider the Master of Science in Information Systems and Analytics (MS-ISA). It prepares students to excel in leadership positions by arming them with the know-how to improve it through information technology, analytics and business intelligence.

There are two concentrations that MS-ISA students can focus on. Information Systems is one, where you’ll learn about managing data, enterprise information systems, cybersecurity, networking, and web and mobile application development. The other is Analytics, which focuses more on predictive analytics, big data analytics, big data management, and state-of-the-art tools for business intelligence. Both tracks include state-of-the-art programming languages and strategies for using information systems, and analytics for adding value to organisations.

Along the way, you’ll sharpen your soft skills too. “The MS-ISA programme has taught me that passion and consistency are factors for success and leadership. I highly encourage students who are interested in Information Systems careers to complete the MS-ISA program at FGCU,” says a graduate. “Not only is the programme full of hands-on learning, but it could also lead to great business opportunities within the industry. In my case, I was promoted right after the completion of the master’s programme.”

For those seeking a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, FGCU offers a Master’s in Accounting and Taxation (MSA&T). It takes a balanced approach to accounting and taxation which will ensure you have life-long learning skills to keep up with the demands of the industry and an ever-evolving job market. Recognising that students today are preparing for jobs that may not even exist yet, the MSA&T focuses on advanced technical competence in accounting and/or taxation as well as the effective use of technology in research and practice, effective communications with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders of diverse backgrounds, and ethical responsibilities. To enhance your knowledge further, a concentration in Analytics is offered, covering Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Advanced Accounting Analytics.

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