flight hacks
From comparing travel platforms to opting out of automatic "opt-ins", these are some golden hacks that will save you some moolah when travelling. Source: Brandon Bell / Getty Images North America / Getty Images via AFP

Are you tired of sky-high airline tickets? International students often can’t escape purchasing expensive tickets for their flights abroad, but there are flight hacks that can save you some moolah.

These include platforms that can help you find the cheapest tickets to timing when you decide to purchase your flight ticket.

Student Flights are allowing students around the world to make trips to their destined country at an affordable price. Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images North America / Getty Images via AFP

Flight hacks #1: Use platforms that help you find the best flight deals

There are many platforms that can help you find cheaper plane tickets, so shop around and compare the prices. One such platform is  StudentUniverse — a travel booking site for students and young adults under 30. This platform negotiates directly with airlines to get under 30’s exclusive discounts. You can search for hundreds of airlines at once on their platform. Become a member for free — head over to their website for details.

Choosing the right date and time is one of the main factors when it comes to getting cheap flights. Source: Paul J. Richards/AFP

Flight hacks #2: Know the cheapest days to fly

Choosing the right day and time can help you score cheap flights. For example, picking a flight on a weekday could be cheaper than a weekend flight. Airlines want to sell tickets on off-peak days, which could result in cheaper fares. Time plays a major role in pricing too — early flights, including those around 6 a.m., and red-eye flights tend to be cheaper.

Flight hacks #3: Book early

You’ll want to book your flight tickets as early as possible — months ahead, or even up to a year ahead in some cases — as they don’t usually get cheaper closer to the departure date. It goes without saying that prices of plane tickets skyrocket during the holiday season and certain seasons of the year, depending on where you’re travelling to, so snap up your tickets as early as you can.

Budget airlines catch you off guard with the promise of cheap flights but the tax and service fees they will charge often cost more than the actual fare itself. Source: Pedro Pardo / AFP

Flight hacks #4: Triple-check your flight details

Budget airlines may entice thrifty travellers with rock-bottom prices, but you’ll want to do your homework and check what the hidden charges are, if any. For instance, you may find that the cheapest plane tickets aren’t actually cheaper once add ons, including luggage and meals, are included. Some budget airlines may include automatic opt-ins, such as travel insurance, which you can omit if you have your own, so do your due diligence and check what’s included in the final cost of your ticket.

Flight hacks #5: Connecting flights

Direct flights are always the more convenient way to travel, but it’s not always cost-effective. If you’re not in a rush, why not consider a connecting flight instead? Sure, the journey may take longer, but it could be worth it when you’re on a tight budget.