Feast your eyes on these inspiring student newspapers
Check out these cool university newspapers. Source: Roman Kraft/Unsplash

These days, university newspapers and magazines have evolved from traditional print editions to up their digital presence. 

These spaces give students a platform to write, edit, shoot photos and videos, produce graphic design, handle social media accounts and, in some instances, produce podcasts for their campus media, for a taste of real-world journalism.

Such campus newspapers are essential, making students aware of the latest ongoings on campus, while also serving as a platform for them to gain a real feel of what it’s like to work in a newsroom environment. 

There’s no denying that producing a student newspaper involves a lot of effort, but here are some of our favourite university newspapers, in no particular order:

The Daily Bruin

The Daily Bruin (DB) is impressive for many reasons. As University of California Los Angeles’s (UCLA) five-day paper, it covers a wide range of areas, from news and opinion pieces to arts and entertainment and sports. They even have podcasts and videos, which goes to show that their editorial team is tapping into trends reflected across newsrooms all over the world.  

It’s no surprise that DB has collected many accolades, including the ACP Newspaper Pacemaker Award in 2016 for the nation’s best college newspaper, and the 2016 Online Pacemaker Award for the best college media website in the nation. 

It’s also taken home top honors from the Society of Professional Journalists, the College Media Association, the California Newspaper Publishers Association and the California College Media Association, notes its website. 

Honi Soit

Honi Soit is a weekly newspaper of the University of Sydney in Australia. Scroll through the website and you’ll notice the colourful feature images vying for your attention. It even has a mobile app for students to read and share content with ease.

According to the website, “Honi Soit is produced by a team of student editors, who are elected by the student body in the SRC [Students’ Representative Council] annual elections. They receive professional training and support from the SRC Publications Managers and manage a group of student reporters and contributors that help create over 20 pages of weekly content.”

The team behind Honi Soit aren’t afraid of pushing boundaries – back in 2013, the newspaper fell in hot water for a controversial cover that featured 18 vaginas. News.com.au reported: “The editors of Sydney University’s Honi Soit publication said they published the graphic edition in order to make a statement about how vaginas have become ‘artificially sexualised…or stigmatised’”.

The Boar

The University of Warwick’s students’ newspaper is printed fortnightly during term time and reaches some 12,000 students. Writers of The Boar don’t shy away from tackling serious student issues, as demonstrated in an edition that covered student suicide and attempted suicide at the university.

Another thing that’s unique about this publication is the range of content produced, extending beyond the traditional news, sports and features that are a staple in many student newspapers. It also covers TV, Finance, Science and Tech and Travel, among other subjects.

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