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If you’re an international applicant who hasn’t met the English language proficiency requirements for a UK university, fear not. Many institutions combine credit-bearing classes with developmental English language coursework to ensure every international learner’s reading, writing, and listening capabilities are up to par.

Students can better immerse themselves in their studies and get the most out of their time in the UK with the right language skills. It’s a journey that’s well worth the effort as the UK is known for its excellent academic reputation, broad choice of degree programmes, endless cultural attractions, and it’s incredibly welcoming culture.

To boot, English is the de facto language of the UK, further bolstering the need for incoming international students to brush up on their language skills. The right English courses can boost students’ confidence in the language, which, in return, can help them to make friends, to speak up in class, and open the door to career opportunities. It can also help students settle into the culture and improve their ability to perform well in university.

To get your foot through the door, choose one of these English programmes today:

ISSOS International

It’s a rarity to come across an institution that makes learning English a lively experience the way ISSOS International does. Here, students between the ages of 13 and 18, who use English as a second language, are welcomed to enrol in ISSOS’ three-week course that immerses them in an English speaking environment.

study English

Source: ISSOS

The experience is in no way overwhelming or intimidating for those new to the UK or USA. ISSOS has a 10% nationality cap to ensure students learn within a diverse environment and develop the core language skills of speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Outside the classroom, international students share rooms with students of different nationalities and first languages, meaning students mingle with native and non-native English speakers at all times during their time at ISSOS.

Within classrooms, students receive expert guidance from an impressive group of highly qualified and experienced English Language educators –– each ensures classes are interactive and immersive to enhance the learning experience. Upon arriving, they are given a short test to assess their current level of English proficiency before they are streamed into classes that meet their language ability.

To make lessons enjoyable, ISSOS addresses subjects that are both relevant and interesting to young adults. By staying up-to-date on current affairs, students gain the insights and social skills needed to make enduring friendships. Learning is never static and also takes place via events and cultural day trips at their campuses at St Andrews, Cambridge, and Yale. To find out more about ISSOS and their English programmes, click here.

Concorde International

Learning to become one with British culture has never been easier with Concorde International, which offers a plethora of English courses for just about any learner, from children to adults and even family groups.

study English

Over the years, Concorde has welcomed not just students, but also marine biologists, architects, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and other professionals vying to master the English language. Source: Concorde International

Concorde has the expertise to help those looking to improve their written or oral competencies, be it to pass their upcoming proficiency exams, pursue an education in an English-speaking country, or in preparation for an international career.

Over the years, Concorde has welcomed not just students, but also marine biologists, architects, doctors, dentists, lawyers, interpreters for the European Parliament, nurses, teachers, and young entrepreneurs with big ambitions that require English fluency.

Concorde offers online and face-to-face classes, making it convenient for those affected by travel restrictions and lockdowns to study. Their in-person classes are small to ensure personalised attention. Teachers provide plenty of opportunities for learners to practice their skills, such as over coffee at the nearby lounge.

Becoming a student at Concorde entails having the chance to learn alongside fellow international students, providing learners with an opportunity to meet new people and get a glimpse into different cultures and backgrounds.

Oxford Summer Courses

Oxford Summer Courses was established by a network of Oxford alumni to provide students with a taste of the Oxford experience. It runs one, two, and four-week academic and English Language courses for students between nine and 24. Their courses are customisable, and the English – Key Skills course is no exception.

study English

With Oxford Summer Courses, learners can spend two weeks gaining valuable English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills that will serve them well in university and beyond. Source: Oxford Summer Courses

In this intensive, two-week course, students gain valuable English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills that will serve them well in their next academic or professional step. Through interactive, communicative activities and real-life encounters — both inside and outside the classroom –– they improve their fluency and accuracy of the language.

Students will spend their time during the course at Begbroke Hall, an eighteenth-century space located on a secure and tranquil site in north Oxford. It is equipped with many exciting facilities, such as art rooms, food technology rooms, and a technology suite. It resembles a classic British boarding school, ensuring students as young as 13 never feel out of place.

“This week has been super fun!” enthuses Lal from Turkey. “Active English lessons are enjoyable because there are exciting activities such as painting and games. Lessons, in general, are fun as well.”

Upon completion, every participant receives a certificate or letter of recommendation that can enhance CVs or university applications.

Bath Academy

Bath Academy offers English language courses that cater to varied needs, be it beginners to those looking for advanced courses. While most students who enrol in the academy do so to prepare for their higher education in the UK, others looking to improve their English proficiency for work or ace the IELTS exam are equally welcomed.

study English

Learning at Bath academy is fun as classes are highly interactive and customisable to each learners’ needs and interests. Source: Bath Academy

Here, everyone develops their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to take their academic or professional careers to the next level. This is done by equipping students with a solid foundation in grammar, an expansive vocabulary, and perfecting their pronunciation skills. And the best part? Learning here is fun as classes are highly interactive while it can also be customised to suit each learners’ needs and interests.

Students who cannot travel can enrol in Bath Academy’s online English lessons that bring the classroom to them. Its paperless space –– Showbie –– enables students and teachers to stay connected with essential tools for all types of English language exercises. This enables them to improve their grammar, reading, and writing skills through regular feedback and communication.

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