Experience the SPICE of life at Branksome Hall Asia
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Experience the SPICE of life at Branksome Hall Asia

Branksome Hall Asia was established in 2012 as a sister school to Branksome Hall in Canada – a 114 year old independent girls’ school that consistently ranks among the world’s best boarding institutions.

Located on Jeju Island, South Korea, students get the chance to live in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by endless natural beauty and culture to match.

An international faculty is on hand to provide students with a truly international experience, promising to help learners discover a strong voice and develop their passions and interests. The mission at Branksome each day is to challenge and inspire girls to love learning and shape a better world. This mission guides all the programs and experiences that girls have at the school, in which they are nurtured to become confident, empowered young women.

Branksome Hall Asia uses the acronym SPICE to outline its unique programming and commitment to ensure the success and well-being of each child.

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S – Shaping a Better World

P – Pathways of Opportunity

I – Innovation

C – Culture of Care

E – Empowerment

Shaping a Better World. Branksome Hall Asia recognises that students thrive when their learning is meaningful and their lives are filled with purpose. Service learning is embedded in the school’s cross-curricular programs. Here, students get to explore the world beyond the campus boundaries, particularly through an annual exchange trip to Canada. Branksome Hall Asia has also run Service Learning trips to Fiji, Myanmar, India and Cambodia.

Driven by the power to achieve tangible change in the world today, students at Branksome Hall Asia have spoken at the United Nations; worked in the medical camp at the Olympic Games; started a chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation; built prosthetic hands for landmine victims; and advocated for the less privileged around the globe.

Source: Branksome Hall Asia

By encouraging a kind and passionate spirit, Branksome Hall Asia hopes to build the next generation of global pioneers, committed to shaping a better world for humanity.

Pathways of Opportunity refers to the choices and opportunities that open to students who experience the school’s the strong academic program and co-curricular offerings. One major perk is that students earn a bilingual diploma within the globally-recognised International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

Branksome Hall Asia students learn to think critically and develop an intricate understanding of the workings of the world; to build relationships and engage in debate; and to work as a team to find and recognise solutions to a range of complex problems.

Innovation. With a focus on innovation and strong programming related to science, technology, computer science and design, students at Branksome Hall Asia have earned awards at world robotics competitions, built their own wind turbines, won prizes for entrepreneurial efforts related to cleaning plastics from the ocean, and have been granted US patents for their inventions. Access to the school’s state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding teachers supports students in achieving their goals and tackling real-world issues.

Source: Branksome Hall Asia

Branksome Hall Asia provides access to people from all walks of life – doctors, engineers, NGOs, farmers, artists and more – giving students a view into what their future may hold and how they can prepare effectively to achieve their goals. Innovation is at the heart of everything at Branksome Hall Asia.

Culture of Care.  At Branksome Hall Asia, girls are taught the importance of collaboration rather than competition. “I shine when you shine” is the school’s motto. Teachers and staff are dedicated to the mental well-being of each child, encouraging students to form lasting relationships and build trust among their peers, which in turn, encourages them to support each other in their studies and beyond.

All students at Branksome Hall Asia complete the world-renowned IB Diploma Program. The school’s outstanding IB results and impressive acceptances and scholarships to the world’s best universities are testament to the high level of support provided at the school.

With an IB class average of 36.2 and a Chinese cohort average of 38 points, Branksome Hall Asia students have achieved some of the best results of all international schools worldwide. One learner achieved a perfect score of 45, and Branksome Hall Asia graduates receive offers from the world’s Top 100 universities.

Source: Branksome Hall Asia

The E in SPICE signifies the Empowerment girls feel when they attend Branksome Hall Asia. Each program is designed to build girls’ confidence through leadership. An extensive range of student-led organisations and an excellent student leadership program gives students ample opportunity to develop leadership qualities and confidence, forging the next powerful generation of leaders.

The SPICE commitment sets Branksome Hall Asia apart from other institutions. Academic excellence, paired with the school’s commitment to the personal growth of each student, provides girls with unlimited opportunities to follow their passions and dreams and, together, change the world.  Girls who graduate from Branksome Hall Asia become tomorrow’s most influential female leaders.

Please visit the school’s website to apply for an entrance merit scholarship.

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