“Kiwi people are super friendly and are always willing to help. They don’t see you as a stranger – on the contrary – they talk to you as if they’ve known you for a long time. I think this kind of attitude is exemplary.” – Vandana Elango, Ara Institute of Canterbury international student, originally from Germany

With five cutting-edge campus spaces and more than 150 world-class qualifications including degrees and graduate diplomas, the Ara Institute of Canterbury is one of New Zealand’s largest and most respected Institutes of Technology.

A specialist in providing education for employment, Ara students gain the skills, knowledge and practical experience needed to leave them work-ready. This, paired with globally-recognised degrees, means Ara graduates are sought-after on an international scale. But that’s not the only thing that makes this Institute of Technology a hub of opportunity…

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International Exchange & Study Abroad at the Ara Institute of Canterbury

Every year, Ara welcomes both local and foreign students to embark on an unforgettable journey of learning and discovery via its innovative Study Abroad and Student Exchange programmes. If you’ve considered completing some, or all, of your tertiary education at an institution overseas,  unparalleled partnerships with universities around the world, alongside the stunning natural setting New Zealand has to offer, makes  Ara  the ultimate study abroad destination.

“We now provide our world-class, tertiary-level vocational education throughout the beautiful Canterbury and Waitaki regions,” says Kay Giles, Chief Executive of the Ara Institute of Canterbury. “Whether you study in the cities of Christchurch or Timaru, you are on the doorstep of outdoor activities and scenery that attracts visitors from all over the world,” she adds.

With geographic links to more than 50 leading universities in the Americas, North Asia, South East Asia, Northern Europe, Western Europe and Oceania, Ara boasts an elite network of institutions that span the world making it diverse and culturally rich. So if your university is one that has an exchange agreement with Ara, you can apply to study in the heart of New Zealand while still paying your tuition to your university back at home – pretty convenient, huh?!

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If this is a prospect you find appealing (and let’s face it – what sort of person wouldn’t??) you will be nominated to be considered for the Student Exchange Programme by your university’s Exchange Co-ordinator. Degree-level students who find they are eligible for the scheme can opt to spend either one or two semesters at the distinguished Ara Institute of Canterbury. The international office at Ara  will even help you find suitable accommodation for the duration of your stay, including:

  • Staying with a host family (homestay)
  • Designated student hostels
  • Apartments or student flats

And the best thing – your university doesn’t have to be a partner for you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! If Ara is your perfect match – come on, it’s highly likely – you can still study one or two semesters abroad but pay your tuition directly to Ara. Simple!

An unrivalled academic experience

Tomoki Kishi has always aspired to succeed as an English Language teacher, so when the academic advisors at Kyorin University in Tokyo suggested a  New Zealand exchange at Ara, Tomoki couldn’t wait to dive in, eager to expand on his English knowledge in an English-speaking country.

“I was learning English grammar, linguistics and phonetics at university, and preparing to take the IELTS exam to get a high score. My advisors told me that New Zealand, and especially Christchurch, was a really good English study environment,” he says. “Fortunately Kyorin University has an exchange programme with Ara Institute of Canterbury so I studied really hard to be accepted for the programme and then I came here to Christchurch.”

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In addition to honing his grasp of the English Language, and making lifelong friends through the  wealth of internationally-focused campus activities offered at Ara, Tomoki has also been able to explore the beauty that New Zealand has to offer. “I’ve been to Akaroa, Kaikoura, Nelson, Queenstown, Timaru, Wellington and many other places. I’ve seen stunning scenery and I think New Zealand is the best place to get refreshed.”

On top of the excitement of getting to live, work and study in a brand-new, breath-taking country, Ara international students reap the enduring benefits that come with studying abroad, like personal development; the ability to adapt; becoming globally employable; and receiving an outstanding education amongst many other things. Students who successfully complete the cutting-edge exchange scheme at Ara aren’t just instilled with a diverse global perspective – they are shaped into confident, responsible, culturally understanding global citizens, giving them the ability to not only to succeed, but to thrive, in an increasingly complex world. And you really can’t put a price on that.

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