European law
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Kickstart your European law career at the University of Luxembourg

A qualification in European law could be your ticket to practice anywhere in the European Union. At the University of Luxembourg, undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes are offered under the well-reputed Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance. You’ll find a robust research team covering the full spectrum of the legal field at the Department of Law, from business regulations and civil law to European law and space, media & communication law. They are ready to guide, challenge, and equip the next generation of lawyers, academics, and consultants throughout their higher education journey.

You can start with a Bachelor in Law, which is one of the first programmes in Europe to offer a transnational approach. Students gain fluency beyond Luxembourg law; they also study other main legal systems such as French Law and English common law. “The legal expert of tomorrow must be equipped with local expertise and a global vision in order to communicate and work effectively with international clients, business partners, and more,” study directors explain.

Then, you may move on to one of the six master’s programmes — five of which specialise in European law. You’ll cover European and international law in the first year of the master’s, providing the foundation from which you can dive into your specialisation in the second year. If you have your sights set on academia, you may progress to the Doctoral School of Law’s research programme. Here, you will find a truly international environment conducive to scientific collaboration and exchange.

Gain a solid foundation in European law

The University of Luxembourg offers a global perspective to European law, providing a stepping stone for budding lawyers to take their practice to other countries. Both undergraduate and postgraduate courses here are bilingual. Taught in French and English, they shape graduates who confidently and competitively navigate any setting. Students also get a chance to do a semester abroad, furthering their interactions beyond campus and country.

Each class consists of a small number of students, so lecturers can offer more personal attention while encouraging independent work. Master’s classes are not just intimate, but also vastly informative — thanks to contributions from active researchers at the Department of Law, judges and advisers from the Court of Justice of the European Union, and numerous other legal specialists.

Sharpen your professional edge

We now know that studying at Luxembourg’s leading university equips multilingual experts in transnational European law. Here’s a more pertinent question: how does it prepare future professionals to do their job well? The answer is found in multiple experiential learning opportunities, beginning with the month-long undergraduate internship in the third year.

Master’s students have the opportunity to practise in a moot court which is sponsored and supported by international law firm Clifford Chance. This gives students the opportunity to experience what it’s like to draft briefs, plead a case, and work in a team to clinch that win.

Those who opt for the European Business Law LL.M. will also get to participate in Europe’s pioneering Consumer Law Clinic. This is where students learn how to treat public cases, with guidance from teachers and professionals from the Luxembourg Bar Association. Second-year master’s students get to interview and advise consumers on actual cases under the supervision of other lawyers, thereby earning training for complex, real-life cases while serving their community.

First-year Masters in European Law students participate in “street law” clinics, advising their high school counterparts on consumer rights in e-commerce. This programme is a reflection of the faculty’s ability to pivot learning to current issues while educating the public on the rule of law. There are always new, interesting ways to learn at, which celebrates curiosity and innovation.

Take the legal world by storm

With its safe, peaceful, and progressive environment, the University of Luxembourg is the ideal space to shape leaders in law, economics, and finance. Its location in one of Europe’s most dynamic countries is a major plus, of course; students get to learn from leaders in their industry, with the full support of relevant government departments and ministries.

A law education here promises more than personal excellence. Graduates build a wide network of connections and opportunities that help them serve their future clientele to the best of their abilities.

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