Struggling to find an etutor online? These sites will help. Source: Michael loccisano/Getty Images North America via AFP

Are you losing the will to follow your study schedule?

E-tutors can help.

By enlisting the help of one, you’ll be able to depend on an external source apart from your depleting self-will to stick to your lesson plans. Plus, you’ll someone to talk to and bounce ideas every week about the struggles you’re facing with a specific subject or project.

They will coach you, assess your progress and help you to design a work timeline so that you don’t fall off the study wagon. 

So if you’re wondering where to find e-tutors online during a campus lockdown, use one of the following websites as a starting point.

Preply– E-tutors that work around your schedule


Etutors may be he answer to your lack of motivation to study. Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America via AFP

Lately, Preply is making the headlines due to the chaotic demand for online learning.

This demand has a lot to do with the COVID-19 campus shutdowns – which are causing students and professors to stay at home. 

From the perspective of Preply’s CEO Kirill Bigai, online language learning is helping people navigate these unprecedented times. 

“One thing I know for sure is that, in these times of self-isolation, remote work and homeschooling, online language learning is just one of the platforms and services can really come into their own,” he says.

And by giving you the option to search by language, price, nationality, or availability, Preply is making the lockdown just that little bit easier for students and etutors.

Tutor Doctor– E-tutors for all learning levels


Do you find it easy to find etutors online? Source: Fredric J Brown/AFP

Since the COVID-19 outbreak emerged, the website Tutor Doctor has seen a 120 percent increase in demand for their online tutoring services.

“This is just the beginning and we can handle much higher demand spikes than this,” said the President of Tutor Doctor Frank Milner in a recent press release.

The site offers online tutoring for a diverse set of levels, such as A-level, university and adult education.

All the private tutors on the site, otherwise known as tutor doctors, create programmes that suit to each pupil’s strengths.

“Fortunately, our online platform is simple for tutors and students of any age to use,” Milner adds.

Wyzant – Etutors that work on your weaknesses


E-tutors can help get your studies back on track. Source: Michael loccisano/Getty Images North America via AFP

Wyzant’s approach to online tutoring is simple: Allow the student to choose their e-tutor rather than assigning them one. 

According to Wyzant Growth Senior Product Manager Brent Zajaczkowski, they align their learning resources to the customer journey and always keep their tutoring experiences personalised. 

“Thorough user research helps our teams understand prospective customers and determine effective ways to communicate with them earlier in the process,” says Zajaczkowski.

So by allowing you to shape your studies to your personal schedule, Wyzant also allows you to get the most out of your online tutoring experience. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to express how much you’re willing to pay and which e-tutor you’d prefer to work with. 

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