EON Reality: Transporting AVR technology into the classroom
How is AVR altering classroom environments? Source: Shutterstock

An “easy-to-use lesson creation solution for trainers and teachers”, the Creator AVR platform by EON Reality turned heads at this year’s BETT Asia Expo.

AVR, standing for Augmented and Virtual Reality, is a useful knowledge-transfer tool that’s revolutionising classroom environments.

Hosting two sessions at BETT Asia 2019, EON Reality’s education expert states that, “Utilising Creator AVR in the classroom is an effective way to update the pedagogical norms around the world.

“AVR technology allows educators to teach and students to learn in ways that were never possible in the past. It is proven to be among the most efficient way to instruct a course virtually, regardless of which subjects are at hand.”

Supporting immersive and experiential learning, Creator AVR lets users utilise existing 3D models and content to build their own lessons from a screen of their choice, supporting them as they import their own materials to develop an entirely personalised course.

This is where the student becomes the teacher.

By mastering the Creator AVR platform, not only will students take the reins on their academic know-how and develop independent thinking skills, they’ll also refine their expertise in modern technology and connect to contemporary tech trends.

Rather than be left in the dark, embracing AVR technology in the classroom leads to excitable faces and engaged young minds.

Exploring lesson topics through visualisation prevents visual learners feeling alienated in lesson, encouraging them to walk through subject areas with detail.

From textbooks to screens, only time will tell if AVR technology by EON Reality will catch on.

But with its personalised lesson templates, detailed YouTube guides and VR Innovation Academy to train teachers in its usage, Creator AVR and the many other designs by EON Reality have the potential to take students into an entirely new learning dimension.

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