Entrepreneurship education: The key to success in today’s business world

Increasingly, entrepreneurs are being cited as the key players in today’s hard-line business climate. Entrepreneurs, or individuals who are able to concoct and support brilliant ideas with the correct blend of planning and research, in addition to being outstanding team players equipped with essential workplace knowledge and skills, can be hard to come by. As global economies, communications and technologies continue to develop at an accelerated pace, now more than ever is the essential time for entrepreneuring graduates to test the waters.

Being a successful entrepreneur requires a whole host of skills and business acumen. Entrepreneurs are outgoing, confident individuals who aren’t afraid to learn on the job. Yes, nobody said that it would be easy, but taking a risk can be essential to those key developments and achievements in the business world.

By possessing effective people management skills, entrepreneurs can guarantee the success of a business, building on strengths and supporting weaker links in the chain. A successful entrepreneur will also retain a positive and upbeat mind-set, which is contagious for other members of their team or office space. An inquisitive mind-set is also key in today’s ever-changing world of business, identifying new problems, questions and phenomena.

“Entrepreneurs also play a key role in the competitiveness of the European economy. According to the European Commission, more than 99 percent of all European businesses are SMEs. They provide two thirds of the private sector jobs and are primarily responsible for economic growth in Europe,” the Guardian reports.

As Europe undergoes a period of marked change within its business framework, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs could be a key solution to the region’s issues. Individuals with a differing social and cultural awareness are able to breathe a breath of fresh air into a somewhat stale business climate.

Increasing numbers of world-class institutions are offering international students the chance to sign up for programmes which are exclusively designed for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Programmes offering students specific entrepreneurial qualities provide creative and radical teaching methods, with talks and lectures led by industry specialists, successful businessmen (and women) in addition to modern facilities in which current climates and trends can be simulated and later analysed in detail.

Entrepreneurial programmes blend a mix of lectures with ongoing coursework projects, seminar classes and question and answer sessions. Courses offer students a more hands-on learning experience, ensuring that they take risks, as could occur in a real-life business environment. On increasing numbers of courses, students will also be able to undertake a paid work placement or even act as an intern or member of staff at a thriving multinational within Europe or as far afield as Latin America, Russia or Asia.

If you are looking to study a challenging and hands-on course in an area that will ensure you are able to succeed in today’s business world check out the following forward-thinking institutions:

Team Academy provides students with a challenging learning system and dynamic curriculum, within a business orientated setting. At Team Academy it’s all about entrepreneurship, about learning to start your own business. This is the first and most important thing you will do during your study at Team Academy. You will learn to make your own money in a real company with real customers, working together with other students, in small teams and learning from one another. This is the basis of their philosophy, and in their belief, the best way of learning.

We often get the question: “how is life after Team Academy?” Graduate Jelmar Starkenburg tells you all about it in his blog.

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The Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (CET) at Birgham Young University creates a supportive, nurturing environment for students looking to take the entrepreneurial first step. The BS in Business Management with an entrepreneurial emphasis is designed to acquaint students with the opportunities commonly encountered when starting, growing, and pursuing business ventures. Students learn to create business plans that can be used to start their own future business.

ESADE has deep-rooted ties with the business, economic and social sectors, acting as a platform for education and innovation, in addition being an outstanding research centre and a stage for reflection and dialogue. The business school provides a challenging and innovative environment in which students are able to present new ideas and question current academia. The Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship enables students to specialise in one of three areas: Innovation Management, Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is one of Europe’s leading technical and engineering universities, and a key centre of intellectual talent and innovation. Its Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management is designed to provide students with a focused, relevant and utilisable body of knowledge in this diverse and modern field. The course is ideally suited for students with an interest in starting and managing innovative projects or new economic endeavours.

The clothes you are wearing are likely made from raw materials, like petroleum-based fabrics and virgin cotton or wool….

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Part of Imperial College London, the business school provides students with an innovative education, offering an entrepreneurial study environment in which to unlock business opportunities. Imperial’s life-long professional development service and global alumni network ensure that graduates go on to have long and successful careers in various industries all over the world. The Master’s programme in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management enables students to create and deliver through a combination of core management courses and advanced insights into innovation and entrepreneurship.

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