Entrepreneurship at Management and Science University: Evolving students into job creators
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Entrepreneurship at Management and Science University: Evolving students into job creators

In today’s rapidly evolving world, there is no longer one sole route to career success. Management and Science University (MSU) recognises this paradigm shift. Located in Selangor, one of the most industrialised states in Malaysia, MSU has emerged as a beacon of entrepreneurial empowerment, fostering a new generation of job creators.

The University has emerged as the first higher education institution to achieve an EMNA E-STAR from the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network. 97.5% of MSU graduates secure a job within six months of their commencement ceremonies. Prestige aside, the inspiring narratives of these trailblazing students and alumni further unveil the power of the education system at MSU.

Nur Athirah Zahra Binti Zakaria is advancing her knowledge and deepening her understanding of business at MSU. Source: Management and Science University

Nur Athirah Zahra Binti Zakaria

Nur Athirah Zahra Binti Zakaria is no stranger to excellence. Her high school success led to a government-funded scholarship to any local institution. MSU stood out as one of the few in the country with dynamic fashion programmes.

“Since I was young, I loved watching ‘Project Runway’ and was always intrigued by the idea of designing clothes. Of course, I knew studying fashion could make me more fashionable, too,” she explains. “I was equally sure that MSU’s Bachelor in Fashion Design with Marketing (Honours) would perfectly advance my knowledge and give me a better understanding of the business side of things.”

The programme strikes a good balance between theoretical and practical lessons—a combination that brought a once introverted Nur Athirah out of her shell. Personal Enrichment Competency (PEC) classes grew her network and brought together students from various faculties to advance their soft skills.

A study abroad trip to Japan taught her the ins and outs of conceptualising a collection and bringing it to life for a real-world fashion show. She championed women’s rights during her final project by designing a hijab around the game of chess—the idea magnified the significance of the queen and the power she possesses, even without a king. This is the message Nur Athirah hopes to continue conveying once she graduates, hopefully with a collection of her own.

Brothers Gregory Sarveswaran and Victor Sarveswaran are taking their business ideas to greater heights thanks to MSU.  Source: Management and Science University

Gregory and Victor Sarveswaran

Brothers Gregory Sarveswaran and Victor Sarveswaran have joined forces with a shared vision to one day establish a business of their own. It all began in high school, when they first met an MSU counsellor who was willing to help them choose the right career pathway based on their passions. Gregory, the elder brother, decided to pursue a Bachelor in International Business (Hons). Meanwhile, Victor decided to pursue the future-focused Bachelor in Computer Science (Hons). It wasn’t long until they realised how their passions could go hand-in-hand.

Once they got to MSU, Professor AJ stepped in to oversee both their academic and entrepreneurial journeys. “He gave us a very clear direction on building business ideas, developing soft skills, doing business the modern way, forming alliances, and appealing to consumers,” says Gregory. “He recently helped us apply for our first grant as well,” Victor adds.

Their innovation CarKlik EV was established in 2020 to create a seamless experience for virtual car buyers. The app contains a comprehensive catalogue and is supported by a chatbot that provides 24/7 information on loans, logistics, and much more. The brothers, dubbed co-directors of the business, are currently working on a spin-off brand called CarKlik EV, an app set to identify and locate EV chargers across the country that can be paid for and leveraged within seconds.

Naqib Haziq Bin Ramlan found a fast track for his progress at MSU. Source: Management and Science University

Naqib Haziq Bin Ramlan

Naqib Haziq Bin Ramlan never envisioned himself as one to chase opportunities. Since he was young, he knew creating opportunities was the only way to go. Hence his decision to pursue a Diploma in Entrepreneurship at MSU. The qualification helped him develop the competencies needed to up his sales game and pitch persuasively.

Naqib thanks the Leadership Programme for fast-tracking his progression; it even allowed him to share his ideas with the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White. Meanwhile, it was classroom lessons that taught him the ins and outs of funding a venture without taking money out of his own pocket, successfully managing a retail outlet, and, most importantly, converting a brick-and-mortar business into a virtual one—all of which helped Ramlan when he was ready to launch SagoHearty, a beverage company geared towards modernising traditional Malaysian desserts. These competencies came in handy in 2020, when the newly-graduated entrepreneur needed to keep his MSU innovation afloat.

“When COVID-19 hit us, I had to downsize tremendously, which was not easy, considering some of my staff members had children,” he says. “That’s when I knew I needed to make use of the skills I developed at MSU to market my business to online audiences. Thankfully, my company got through the pandemic and remains strong till this day.”

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