Universidad Catòlica de Murcia
Universities in Europe welcome international students with open arms. Source: Universidad Católica de Murcia

If you seek to explore some of the world’s grandest cathedrals, walk the streets Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway once did, and taste glorious, Michelin-starred food, head to Europe. Specifically, consider studying at one of its many institutions offering English-taught degrees there. Many increasingly provide such programmes in recent years, notably in social science and business-related fields.

International students are welcomed with open arms and there are opportunities to stay after graduation too, be it through post-study internships or graduate schemes. By studying in Europe, you are laying the groundwork for a successful international career. Here are four universities offering English-taught degree programmes you should consider:

UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia

International students in Spain enjoy a wonderful quality of life. There’s rich culture, historical heritage, vibrant nightlife, exquisite flavours and the opportunity to learn one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Spain’s reputation as a safe and secure country also adds to the list of reasons why young adults travel — sometimes thousands of miles — from across the globe to its coastal towns, peaceful beaches and dynamic cities.

Universidad Catòlica de Murcia

Experience the finest of Spain and its education system at UCAM Catholic University of Murcia. Source: UCAM Catholic University of Murcia Facebook

When selecting a university, students often look for one that offers it all — world-class education, practical experience and a welcoming environment.   provides just that. Here, students are taught in small classes with a focus on personalised attention and hands-on activities, providing high quality teaching.

UCAM offers a selection of English-taught degree programmes. These include bachelor’s degrees in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Psychology and Business Administration, as well as a master’s degree in Innovation and Tourism Marketing, and so forth.

The Business Administration programme includes guaranteed work experience, possibility to launch your startup, and entrepreneurship training. The Innovation and Tourism Marketing programme includes national trips and Spanish Language courses.

“I searched on the internet which are the best universities for a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and UCAM is actually one of the best universities here in Spain for this course,” shares student Omar Ghareeb.

What sets UCAM apart is its combination of in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, in addition to a values-based education rooted in the principles of Christian humanism. “I chose UCAM, because when I was looking at the courses, all of them were theoretical and also practical. They include studying by the book, writing, having exams, and a lot of practical classes,” shares Jude Emara, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences student.

Students also benefit from the university’s collaboration with prestigious universities such as Berkeley, Chicago, and Bologna. To learn more about UCAM, click here.

University of Montpellier

At the third best city to live in France, you’ll be close to the sea with twisting passages of history interspersed with today’s coolest shops. A short flight away is Barcelona and Paris. Here, in atmospheric Montpellier, you’ll find charm and the inspiring setting for the aspiring leaders of tomorrow at the University of Montpellier (UM).

Universidad Catòlica de Murcia

Montpellier is an atmospheric city that charms many and the inspiring setting for the aspiring leaders of tomorrow at the University of Montpellier. Source: University of Montpellier

Every year, UM welcomes thousands of international students who choose to be part of its total student body of 49,000 students, 7,000 of whom come from abroad.

UM has four campuses in the city, all of which are accessible by public transportation. You’ll find many services and amenities nearby, including sports facilities, making it the optimal place to live, study, and eventually work in this growing, dynamic and sun-bathed European metropolis located in the South of France.

The programmes offered here span wide, including medicine, biology, chemistry, agro-environment, engineering sciences, political science, business, law and economics.

They are designed by working closely with industry so that the latest developments and insights are integrated into these programmes. For students, this means by studying here, they have the opportunity to prepare for tomorrow’s careers in a world where fields of knowledge application are constantly evolving.

University of Birmingham

The original “redbrick” university. Part of the prestigious Russell Group. A thriving student population. A wide range of courses, plus an exceptional campus and research facilities. Ten  Nobel Laureates among staff and alumni who have contributed to some of science’s greatest discoveries, including in recent times the Higgs Boson and Gravitational Waves.

Universidad Catòlica de Murcia

Studying at the University of Birmingham means reaping the benefits of outstanding teaching and world-leading research. Source: University of Birmingham

At the University of Birmingham, you’ll find all these and more. Research here provides innovative solutions to the challenges faced in its city, region and across the globe.

As a student here, you’ll not only benefit from world-leading research but also its mutual partnerships with a wide range of international institutions and a large international community of researchers and students.

Over 8,700 international students from approximately 150 countries call the university home. Nearly a third of academic staff are from overseas, making campus a diverse and global place.

“At Birmingham, we are proud to be amongst the world’s top 100 universities; a forward-thinking institution with civic roots, national eminence and global reach. From our world-leading research and vibrant international student and staff community to the breadth and depth of our international engagement, Birmingham is a global university in every sense.”

University of Bologna

Italy’s oldest university — and believed to be the western world’s oldest too — is the University of Bologna, located in one of the most cosmopolitan and dynamic cities in the country.

: Universidad Catòlica de Murcia

The University of Bologna is located in one of the most cosmopolitan and dynamic cities in the country. Source: University of Bologna

Spanning five campuses across the Emilia-Romagna region (Bologna, Ravenna, Cesena, Forlì, Rimini) and one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it has 32 departments and 11 research and training centres. Today, it continues to be at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge research and teaching today.

Here, 87,590 students from all around the world and expert faculty members work towards one mission: to transmit knowledge, experiment with techniques, and develop the ideas that will address the transformations of our time.

Expect an education here to go beyond hypotheses and theory. UniBo offers a wide range of innovative programmes: 232 degrees in all disciplinary fields, where 79 of them are delivered in English.

These are designed to meet the demands of our changing world and constantly refreshed. This allows students to devise innovative solutions that combat social and environmental problems around energy supply, distribution and consumption, and manage the transition towards a more sustainable energy sector.

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