One of the great things about studying English in Australia is that you’ll be surrounded by native English speakers. You’ll have a chance to practise what you’ve learned every day. And you’ll pick up new words and phrases – on television, in advertising, and just by listening to the conversations around you.

Students at Monash College benefit from all the unique aspects of living and learning in Melbourne. It IS Melbourne, after all, a city that combines high-rise living, great shopping, international cuisine with beautiful beaches and stunning parklands. With its temperate, oceanic climate that lasts the whole year through and diverse, multicultural community, it is no wonder why Melbourne has consistently been voted the world’s most liveable city for five consecutive years.

But let’s not forget Monash College’s English language and academic pathways.

When you study English at Monash you will learn the speaking, reading and writing skills that you need for your Monash course.

You get the chance to work alongside students from over 100 countries, instilling you with a valuable international perspective long before you even graduate.

It doesn’t matter whether you imagine a future in medicine, science, engineering, the arts or business, Monash College boasts the ethos, the facilities and the teaching needed to take you exactly where you want to be.

The Monash experience

The College is a specialist in providing academic and English pathway programs for students who aspire to study at Monash University. For this very reason, it emulates an authentic Monash experience, delivering classes in typical ‘Monash style’ so students get a taste of the classes they’ll be taking at the University.

Over the past 50 years, Monash University – one of the largest higher education institutions in the nation and among the most respected in the world – has built a reputation for high-quality teaching, ground-breaking research and an enlightening culture of learning.

As an extension of the Monash community, College students are taught by the best teachers of their respective fields, and benefit from access to contemporary, purpose-built facilities, specially-designed to boost the student learning journey. Throughout their Monash College course, students have access to the same facilities as Monash University students, allowing for a natural future transition into undergraduate level.

Choose your pathway to Monash University

Through its comprehensive foundation year, diploma and English language programs, Monash College provides guaranteed entry to the University (entry requirements to both institutions apply), and the topics you’ll study and the degree options available after you graduate vary from program to program.

Foundation Year:

A preparation study year that allows students to develop their academic expertise and get a real taste of the Monash spirit. If you successfully complete Monash University Foundation Year you will have guaranteed entry into first year at Monash University.

  • Where will you study? Melbourne city
  • How long for?
  • Standard: 12-months
  • Intensive: 9-months
  • Extended: 18-months
  • Class Structure: Students study 4 subjects; classes and laboratory practicals for science-based subjects
  • Contact Hours: 5-hours per unit, per week
  • Study Model: Semester
  • Intakes: January, March, July and August
  • International Locations: New Oriental – China, Jakarta International College – Indonesia, Sunway College – Malaysia, Universal College Lanka – Sri Lanka
  • Double Degrees? Yes
  • Subjects: English, Fundamental Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Information Technology, Accounting, Economics, Geography, Globalisation, Music
  • Where does it lead? This pathway prepares you for direct entry into the first year of undergraduate degrees at Monash University.

Diploma Programs:

Specialist programs that provide you with a pathway into second year at Monash.

  • Where will you study? Clayton (or Caulfield for Diploma of Art & Design)
  • How long for?
  • Part 1: 8-months
  • Part2: 8-months (except Engineering, 12-months)
  • Class Structure: Lectures and tutorials (+ laboratory practicals for IT, engineering and science units)
  • Contact Hours: 5-7 hours per unit, per week
  • Study Model: Trimester
  • Intakes: February, June and October
  • International Locations: Jakarta International College – Indonesia, Universal College Lanka – Sri Lanka
  • Double Degrees? Yes, selected degrees only
  • Diplomas: arts; art & design; business; engineering; information technology; science
  • Where does it lead? Directly into second year of a Monash University undergraduate degree.

English Language Programs:

To enter a foundation year or diploma program, students are required to meet a minimum standard of English. To make sure you are prepared, the College provides English language training programs to help you reach the level required.

Monash English (ME):

This course will help you to boost your grasp of the English language before entering your foundation year, diploma or Monash University program.

  • Where will you study? Melbourne city
  • How long for? Ten to 60 weeks, depending on your needs
  • English Requirement: minimum IELTS 3.5 (writing 3.5) or equivalent
  • Contact Hours: 20-hours classroom tuition plus 15-hours guided independent learning per week
  • Intakes: Nine per year

ME Bridging Diploma (MEB):

Select this program if you do not meet the academic requirements for Monash College or Monash University, but you’ve only narrowly missed the English language requirements.

  • Where will you study? Clayton
  • How long for? 10-20 weeks, depending on your needs
  • English Requirement:
  • 20-week program for entry into diploma part 1 and 2 (all streams): IELTS 5.0 (writing 5.0, no band lower than 4.5)
  • 10-week program for entry into diploma part 1 arts and part 2 (all streams): IELTS 5.5 (writing 5.5, no band lower than 5.0)
  • Contact Hours: 20-hours classroom tuition plus 15-hours guided independent learning per week
  • Intakes: Aligned to destination course start date, for dates please click here.

Introductory Academic Program (IAP):

This course provides the academic skills and training specifically tailored to give you a head-start in your university career.

Upon completion of the course, you will have skills in:

  • critical thinking, evaluation and reflection
  • university research
  • academic reading
  • editing and proofreading
  • referencing and citation.

Support Team

From day one, students at Monash College are supported by a team of leading experts to help them succeed academically, socially and emotionally, as well as to help them slip comfortably into the Monash lifestyle.

The Student Engagement Team will help you make the most of your time in Melbourne; your teachers serve as your main point of contact throughout each of your subject choices; while academic advisers seek to organise extra help and workshops outside of classroom hours.

Through its innovative teaching, diverse courses and facilities, Monash College seeks to provide students with a platform to higher learning, regardless of background or ability. It’s not about boasting credentials or even boosting international student numbers – it’s about giving each ambitious student a pass to a better, brighter future.

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