Engineering your success: Schools that blend Engineering with enterprise

A degree in engineering is a passport to the world, with international companies and institutions desperate for the next wave of creative engineers to help transform their business. Engineers have the opportunity to truly change the world, making a difference to individual lives and society as a whole.

The world’s biggest problems are put under the microscope by engineers, who strive to innovate at the highest level of technological advancement. Research projects at universities and institutions across the globe are pushing the boundaries of engineering inquiry, crossing multiple disciplines in which students dedicate their studies.

Engineering graduates leave university with an impressive skillset that can be honed to specific job roles and opens the door to professional advancement, personal growth and other opportunities. Students will be challenged throughout their degree to think critically, solve problems, research and develop new ideas, preparing them for life in the professional world.

A recent study from EngineeringUK found that engineering graduates are more than seven percent more likely to be in full-time employment within six months of graduating than those of other subjects. Salary-wise, the same report found that the average annual income for a chartered engineer is more than double the UK mean wage.

Abbie Hutty, spacecraft structures engineer at Airbus, said: “Some of the big problems we have in the world [today] are things like an aging population, difficulties in developing countries, and problems around our growing population. We’re doing all sorts of things to address these issues; for example, coming up with new medical devices like artificial joints, pacemakers, aids and devices like wheelchairs and mobility aids.

“The whole idea of being an engineer is about solving a problem that hasn’t been solved yet, or solving it in a way that it hasn’t been solved before.”

Below are five universities that are blending engineering excellence with enterprise…


Ranked among the Top 40 engineering universities in the United States, Northeastern prides itself on its interdisciplinary and experiential education, with first-in-class research capabilities designed to create the next generation of engineering leaders; people who are capable of addressing the complex challenges of the world through bold and boundless innovation.

Located in the heart of Boston— the USA’s hub for high-tech, biotech and academia— the College of Engineering designs over 25 Master of Science and PhD degrees to meet the needs of the ever-changing industry, with program innovation being a key feature of each course. Recently-created multidisciplinary Master of Science programs focus on Energy Systems; the Internet of Things and Telecommunication Networks; Information Systems such as for Machine Learning and Blockchain; Data Analytics, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Building Systems; Computer Systems Software Design; and Engineering Public Policy.

Northeastern specializes in multidisciplinary Master of Science degrees, which are focused, specifically, on preparing students for different industry sectors. Appropriate for working engineers or recent engineering graduates, these courses are perfect for career enhancement as technical professionals, business managers and industry leaders.

Each student here also has the opportunity to participate in the Cooperative Education Program, which offers them the chance to gain up to eight months of paid industry experience as part of their degree. Northeastern has an impressive portfolio of employer partnerships in the Boston region, as well as globally, in which they place students every year. Here, you’ll have the chance to gain invaluable experience and earn a significant salary.


The mission of the Whiting School of Engineering is to provide students with an outstanding engineering education that’s innovative, rigorous, and relevant – preparing graduates to become the future leaders of the field.

Here, impressive research facilities are pushing the boundaries of engineering excellence – from computer vision to the security of electronic medical records to tissue engineering. World-class faculty are on-hand to support and mentor students as they explore disciplines and conduct unique independent research.

Whiting School boasts more than 20 established research centers and institutes, in addition to state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities within nine academic departments. Faculty and students within the engineering department often collaborate with colleagues from the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Medicine, and Public Health, as well as with academic and research institutions worldwide.

The beautiful campus here, with Georgian architecture and tree-lined walks in the heart of a vibrant city, provides the perfect backdrop for success, with students gifted the chance to explore, understand, invent and excel.


A fixture of the university since 1873, the College of Engineering boasts a history of engineering developments in a variety of fields – from the construction of the first hand-driven wind tunnel in America and the successful transmission of one of the first wireless messages, to the discovery of a new class of actinyl peroxide compounds and demonstration of magnetic logic.

Graduate and undergraduate students today continue to explore the wide range of engineering fields through the college’s five departments – Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering, and the department of Electrical Engineering.

The College combines technical enquiry with creative methods to test and develop innovations that improve the health, well-being and quality of life for every member of society. The mission of the College is the creation and transfer of knowledge, reflection, and a profound and complete respect for the dignity of all persons and for the greater good of humanity.


The UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has been a global leader in engineering education, research and service since its foundation in 1945. UCLA Engineering has developed an abundance of rigorously-trained engineers and is known as the home for solutions to challenges in fields such as energy, sustainability, healthcare, communications, transportation, infrastructure and information technology.

The curriculum offers a hands-on, multidisciplinary education, designed to prepare students for the world beyond education and support them in their endeavours. Faculty here are among the top engineering educators and researchers in the world, with many members being elected to the National Academy of Engineering – the highest distinction for engineers in the US.  Affiliated faculty at the School include a winner of the Nobel Prize, the Turing Award, the National Medal of Science and many other distinctions.

The alumni network at UCLA Engineering is 38,000 strong across more than 60 countries, driving positive change in technology and society. Graduates include famous inventors, internet pioneers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and renowned educators.


The School of Engineering at the University of Waterloo is ranked among the Top 50 engineering schools in the world, producing research of the highest level. The school offers 15 bachelor degree programs, including degrees in emerging multidisciplinary areas such as architectural engineering, biomedical, mechatronics, nanotechnology and environmental engineering.

All undergraduate programs are 100 percent co-op, with more than 7,600 positions arranged for students annually. The university graduates the largest number of engineers at both undergraduate and graduate level in Canada.

Waterloo Engineering also boasts research partnerships with almost 800 Canadian firms and 300 companies internationally, opening the door to students for an array of travel and industry experiences.

Commenting of the School of Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, said: “There is an undeniable reputation throughout tech of the kind of engineering talent that comes out of the University of Waterloo. The students here are probably going to be the business leaders of this century.”

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