Engage with achievement-based learning with a work-based education at HKPU
Source: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

At The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), students form part of a thriving academic community; one that’s passionate about creating real-world knowledge. As graduates, these individuals propel industries forward and become active players in innovation and change.

To instil this sense of determination and resilience, PolyU offers an outcome-based education, helping students reach their potential by articulating clear academic goals, mapping out subject requirements, clear assessments and learning outcomes.

Outcome-based learning has become a global trend in higher education, enabling student progress and development to be tracked while also teaching learners how to reach benchmarks and excel in their talents. PolyU is harnessing the platform’s emergence to ensure the university stays at the forefront of educational development.

To further advance students through innovative education offerings, the institution also combines teaching with Work-Integrated Education (WIE), ensuring all skills learnt are applicable to the real world. After all, to be as successful as possible in life, students must appeal to employers and have the adaptable expertise needed to meet changing societal needs.

Source: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Students can develop their professional skills in conjunction with their studies, allowing them to consolidate classroom theory in industry. All students must complete the WIE component of their degree, ensuring everyone at the university has employable skills in a range of industries.

PolyU has a particular emphasis on placements that make the world a better place, so not only do students gain industry experience, they also learn the importance of building a career with social responsibility.

This awareness is central to ensuring global society continues to develop sustainably as we enter an age of increasingly complex challenges for humanity, the environment and the world at large.

Graduates of PolyU leave with the awareness needed to become lifelong learners with a global social conscience, meaning they’re ready to kick-start their careers while holding the tools to impact industry and drive the world towards a brighter tomorrow.

“We need to nurture a global mindset, a serving heart and the capability to deal with various socio-economic issues in more constructive ways among the rising generation. We need to ensure our cutting-edge research can help identify and address issues that affect the well-being of individuals, communities, nations and global society,” explains President, Timothy W. Tong.

Source: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This means graduates become innovators, equipped with a social responsibility that brings about change in their industries and beyond.

Alongside these innovative learning structures, the university also offers an International Summer School which allows incoming and current students, as well as those from other institutions, to embark on a stimulating five-week programme that includes field trips to Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland to complement their academic programme.

This experience allows students to engage in cultural exchange with students from all over the world, deepening their knowledge through mind-expanding content and seeing a new perspective of the world.

“The PolyU International Summer School was a wonderful experience and a highlight of my university life. Through the field trips and enrichment activities, I was able to explore Hong Kong’s outlying islands and experience its vibrant culture,” says Nicole Tong, National University of Singapore.

Source: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“I also had the opportunity to interact with new friends from all over the world, as well as local students who were extremely welcoming and sincere. The classes offered during the Summer School were interesting and enjoyable, and I have learnt a great deal from both the lecturers and my classmates,” she adds.

PolyU believes all students should have the potential to partake in programmes that build knowledge, international awareness and industry-relevant capabilities regardless of their financial position.

This is why the institution provides scholarships and financial schemes for a range of extracurricular programmes, including the PolyU International Competition and Conference Participation Scheme which allows students to take part in conferences and competitions that increases their global exposure, while simultaneously providing an unrivalled learning opportunity.

Another example of the university’s commitment to giving students the opportunities they deserve is shown through the PolyU Entry Scholarship for outstanding international students.

The scholarship gifts students a maximum of up to HKD180,000 (US$23,000) per annum and is renewable based on academic achievement. This means that international students don’t have to compete with local students for scholarships, so both those from Hong Kong and further afield can benefit from PolyU’s educational experience to become socially-aware graduates with real-world focus.

Source: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Early round application begins on November 20 2018, continuing in January 15 2019, with an extended round opening on March 15 next year.

This gives students the chance to discover new things and to find strengths they never knew they had, preparing them to be innovative global citizens, free from the constraints of their financial situation.

It’s this worldly experience that makes PolyU the thriving academic community it is today, committed to passing passion for making the world a better place to all those who study within its borders.

An education from PolyU is an education for life, giving you the adaptable skills and social conscience needed to drive the world towards a brighter tomorrow – no matter which industry you choose.

If you would like to find out more about PolyU, explore the university here.

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