25 universities with the most employable graduates - according to recruiters
Now, please state which university you graduated from. Source: Shutterstock

There’s a reason why you list your academic qualifications at the top of your CV. It matters.

Where you went for university matters to your future employers, who will have their opinion as to which are best at prepping students for the labour workforce. If you’re a school-leaver confused about which university to head to, this global employability rankings by HR consultancy Emerging could be a good guide (but with a good pinch of salt, though)

Recruiters ranked 150 universities from 33 different countries to come up with the rankings, published exclusively by Times Higher Education.

France, Germany and Switzerland are among the highest represented in the rankings although the top 10 is dominated by US institutions.

But if you’re planning to work at Google, pay no heed to these rankings. Google’s head of people operations Laszlo Bock famously said to New York Times in 2014 that the tech giant had scrapped the aged approach of looking at an applicant’s GPAs or the school they are from. What they’re looking for instead is “intellectual humility“.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to see where your school placed on the list:

1. California Institute of Technology, US
2. Harvard University, US
3. Columbia University, US
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
5. University of Cambridge, UK
6. Boston University, US
7. Stanford University, US
8. Technical University of Munich, Germany
9. University of Tokyo, Japan
10. Yale University, US
11. Princeton University, US
12. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
13. University of Toronto, Canada
14. Peking University, China
15. University of Oxford, UK
16. National University of Singapore, Singapore
17. Imperial College London, UK
18. McGill University, Canada
19. Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
20. University of California, US
21. Australian National University, Australia
22. École Polytechnique, France
23. HEC Paris, France
24. IE University, France
25. King’s College London, UK

Happy picking!

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