Emory Law LLM – A respected global degree
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“Emory’s reputation as a top-ranked law school was important to me, and so was its wide selection of courses. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how green the city is. It reminds me of my home in Jamaica.” Sharion Hanson, Emory Law LLM graduate, 2015

Ranked 22nd in the Best Law Schools league table from US News and World Report, the quality on offer at Emory University School of Law resounds through its every provision. By harboring an engaged legal community enriched with universal perspective, not to mention an esteemed and personalized curriculum, Emory law is consistently producing tomorrow’s visionaries and pioneers of the diverse legal field.

This is a school that allows students to tailor their programs to suit their respective needs, either via a more general study route, one of six predesigned areas of concentration, or as part of a study abroad experience.

Furthermore, a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1 means Emory Law nurtures close interactions between students and professors, forging a lively yet intimate community of aspiring lawyers and intellectuals.

And as a top-rated law school in the heart of the US, students here have access to a world-leading faculty on top of a vibrant student body, a tight-knit student community, practical options that allow the application of legal theory and skill, and an extensive global network of experienced law alumni.

Image courtesy of Emory University

“Collectively, our faculty, students, and alumni comprise a dynamic intellectual community, engaged in the interdisciplinary exploration of cutting-edge questions of law and policy,” says Robert Schapiro, Dean of the School. “Through our signature theory/practice programs, Emory Law effectively integrates students into the profession, while our international initiatives foster partnerships around the world.”

Emory’s ground-breaking Master of Laws, or LLM, program is one way the institution propels its legal graduates to new, exciting heights in this dynamic profession. Known to be an extremely flexible 24-credit-hour program, the Emory Law LLM is specifically-designed for students already in possession of an undergraduate degree in law, but who are also keen to refine their legal background in a conscious step towards professional or scholarly advancement.

Additionally, a strong practical focus and the school’s urban setting grants students direct access to all 14 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in metro Atlanta, including Coca Cola, The Home Depot, UPS, CNN and Delta Airlines. Plus, innovative specializations in Transactional Law, Law and Religion, Human Rights Law, Vulnerability and the Human Condition, Public Law and Regulation, Child Law and Policy, and even a joint LLM with a focus on international commercial law and international politics – hosted in collaboration with Emory’s global partner, the Central European University, means the LLM from Emory Law is elevating students to the top of their legal game.

“Emory is an ideal law school because of its academic reputation and well-developed programs for international students,” says Jin Hyuk Park, former student of the Emory Law LLM. “Moreover, Atlanta is a multicultural city where you can enjoy both dynamic city life and a peaceful residential environment. I’m convinced that you can actualize your professional goals at Emory,” he adds.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a practicing attorney in search of expertise to invigorate your career, a recent graduate hoping to build a strong knowledge foundation and expand your legal network, or simply an individual looking to progress through scholarly legal insight, Emory Law’s elite LLM will give you what you need.

Image courtesy of Emory University

While most of Emory’s foreign-trained LLM students are preparing for careers at international law firms and corporations, where knowledge of the US legal system is of course extremely beneficial, this exclusive grounding in US law can actually serve as a significant differentiator upon the return to their home countries. This definite edge over graduate competition means Emory’s qualified LLM graduates often land the most sought-after roles within the legal game.

Here, non-native students live, learn and work alongside their US counterparts, immersing them in US life and culture from the very start of their American study venture. Students from China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Georgia, Germany, Guinea, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and everywhere in between come here to embellish their legal understanding, drawn by the prospect of a sterling education in one of the most influential regions of the legal world.

“Legal practice is increasingly global, and Emory Law has a long tradition as a leader in international law,” the Dean notes. “Our outstanding international law faculty works at the forefront of analyzing the place of law in an interconnected world…

“From Budapest to Singapore, Emory Law students have opportunities to study global developments first hand. Located in a growing international hub, Emory Law also offers its students international practice opportunities through partnerships with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CARE, the Carter Center, and other global organizations,” Schapiro concludes.

“In all we do, we aim to prepare our students to thrive in the evolving, complex, and global legal environment that surrounds us.”

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