Embrace your creative flair with Performing Arts at the UWTSD

Performing Arts at UWTSD allows students to creatively flourish under the expert eyes of professional teachers.

Whether you’re a dancer, actor, singer, designer or any other type of performing artist, the university works with a wide range of theatre professionals who contribute to the programmes as tutors, directors, choreographers, designers and musical directors.

From here, students gain world-class perspective on their unique development, also gaining valuable insight on how to progress through their studies.

Modules are taught with a practice-led approach to encourage you to develop your skills far beyond university. This professionally-centred ethos gives you a unique edge in a notoriously competitive discipline, giving you the chance to grow your portfolio and professional expertise as you study.

The school’s engagement and collaboration with theatre professionals from multiple disciplines creates an extremely encouraging and supportive environment where students are urged to push the boundaries of their creativity.

This open approach to teaching creates a culture in which students can safely explore and experiment techniques with each other and professionals. It also encourages collaboration on projects, allowing students to learn from each other and ultimately grow as performers.

“We were encouraged to explore all aspects of performance before deciding what we want to focus on – we were given so many different experiences.  We also worked with a huge range of professional performers and directors from the world of theatre and television throughout the duration of the course – people who have seen our progress and witnessed our development,” said Lloyd Macey, UWTSD alumni from BA Perffomio in Cardiff and X Factor 2017 contestant.

Lloyd Macey

One of this year’s X Factor contestants, Lloyd Macey, graduated with a first-class honours in Performing Arts from UWTSD.

“I don’t think I would ever have gone for the X Factor if I hadn’t done this course. I’d always sung and I’d had experience of singing before but it gave me the confidence and it taught me so much about myself,” he said.

“It taught me how to channel my nerves….to think I can sing in front of millions of people every weekend… two years ago, I would never have been able to do it. So no way, I would never have done the X Factor if it hadn’t been for all the hard work and effort that the lectures put into this course.”

“I don’t think I would have had the courage and self-belief to audition for The X Factor if it hadn’t been for all the wonderful opportunities and experiences I received during my time on the course,” he concluded.

UWTSD’s Cardiff campus is also home to the Wales International Academy of Voice. The Academy, founded by internationally renowned Tenor, Dennis O’Neill, provides a highly-specialised environment for a small number of exceptional singers and accompanists at the early stage of their career, recruiting young artists from around the globe.

Nestled in the historic Welsh town of Carmarthen, Performing Arts at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) allows students to embrace the authentic Welsh countryside whilst nurturing their creative flair. The Carmarthen campus is one of the Welsh settings that makes up UWTSD, each one holding its own unique culture.

The main benefit of studying on the Carmarthen campus is the beautiful scenery and tight-knit community that’s fostered.

“From a unique town centre, varied landscapes and an overwhelming choice of activities, whether it’s hot or not, Carmarthen has it all,” said Gwyneth Sweatman, former President of the Students’ Union.

As well as being able to make professional connections to fast-track your career once you graduate, you will also have the chance to make the most of UWTSD’s state-of-the-art performance facilities – including the large workshop and theatre.

Undergraduate students can choose to undertake the BA Acting degree, equipping students to become the tomorrow’s leading actors. The course is designed to develop your skills so you graduate as industry-ready professionals.

Throughout your studies, you will collaborate with theatre professionals from different disciplines to expand your skills. The program fosters an extremely encouraging environment in which students can safely experiment.

The degree places the exploration of practical performance, the development of connections with industry professionals and the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of this training.

Alternatively, the BA Dance degree focuses on creating graduates capable of excellence in dance practice. BA Dance is a practice-based programme designed to prepare students for a career in the dance business.

The course enables the development of technical, choreographic and performance skills, complemented by a focus on dance health and wellbeing and performance optimisation.

Finally, students who are interested in the technical or design side of the performing arts can study the BA Theatre Design and Production.

This is a practical programme designed on a broad foundation of production skills right through to producing performances. Throughout the programme, students explore, design and create exciting new work alongside industry professionals. The course aims to develop graduates with a well rounded and knowledge base, as well as those who are highly-adept in more than one area and are ready to engage in the wider performance sector. Students get the opportunity to study props, costume and scenic art right through to lighting, sound and stage management, with opportunities to specialise during their studies.

“The BA Theatre Design and Production degree has so much to offer including modules such as site-specific theatre, which was a particular favourite of mine. Since graduating I have worked in many unusual spaces including London’s oldest pie & mash shop, a derelict art school and Shakespeare’s Globe. I would not have been given these opportunities without the necessary experience that I gained during my time at Trinity. It’s so much fun and has given me a really awesome career where I never know what’s around the corner!” – Sarah Phillips

Performing Arts at UWTSD offers students the remarkable opportunity to tune in on their talents and allows them to fulfil their potential, powered by unique networking opportunities and world-class coaching.

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