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Meet our students: Indre Tauroseviciute

Indre Tauroseviciute graduated last year of the EIT Digital Master School. She co-founded with other EIT Digital Master School students a social communication startup called SpotYet during her first months of study. EIT Digital has taught her to be entrepreneurial, she says. She now wants to combine her education aspirations with entrepreneurial thinking.

During her two-year masters Data Science, the Lithuanian Tauroseviciute got a taste of cultures in different countries. She spent one year for her first master years at the Technical University Eindhoven and the second year at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and did her internship at IIEP UNESCO in Paris. Due to Corona, she is back in Lithuania but is eager to return to the Dutch area. “Here are so many chances to meet different people. I feel good by the Dutch characteristics of straightforwardness, open-mindedness, time management and the business savviness.”

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Indre Tauroseviciute. Source: EIT Digital

During your studies you co-founded SpotYet. The website says “at SpotYet we are building and fostering relationships”. What is that?

SpotYet started as a side project during studies. We, the co-founders* and I, believe SpotYet gives value to communities and mental health. I met the other co-founders at the Eindhoven University of Technology during the first year of the EIT Digital Master School. At the Kick-Off in Paris, we realised that we did not get to know our peers as personal as we wanted and when we would be going back to our social circles, despite online possibilities, communications on the personal level would be difficult. That is why we started developing a tool that we called SpotTalk.

We wanted to make something on top of the virtual meeting tools that enabled us to get to know co-workers or study pals on a personal level. It has been proven, that people working from home feel lonelier than ever before. Having 15 minutes of personal connections gives you a feeling of belonging. So, later we developed a second product – SpotBot and launched the company name SpotYet. We connect people in a fun way to encourage meaningful face to face conversations. We believe in this. It keeps us together as friends. We come from six different countries and meet weekly online to share work.

What is your goal with SpotYet?

So far, we created two products fulfilling the same mission: SpotTalk and SpotBot. Especially in this Corona time, it would be wonderful if we could make life easier for everyone. It is unsure if things will go back to normal or become even more digital. We will see what the markets need for us to proceed. Most important is that people do not lose connections between each other. The most important thing for us is to have users who feel helped by our tools. it would be nice to make money out of it as well. We are currently trying to get traction and first customers.

Why did you choose for the EIT Digital Master School?

I felt that I am stuck in where I was. I felt I need more knowledge, variety and exploration.  I love adventure.  I was interested in Erasmus Mundus programmes, but EIT Digital – that I found via StudyPortals – seemed an even better place to do all of that. In comparison, EIT Digital provides a greater community. Another perk was the double interest areas. I could study both technology and business instead of one continuous learning path. So, I had and took the chance to move forward: I learned public speaking, I met people all over the world, I got to know myself better, I was dancing, and even singing in a choir.

I learned about Data Science application areas, how important business knowledge is and how to make a business out of technology. Due to this, I find myself now more into business than into teaching. I appreciate this EIT Digital experience very much. EIT Digital provides a more valuable experience than any other education.

What is the best so far about the EIT Digital Master School?

One reason to choose the EIT Digital Master School was the double degree. The other the community that it offers. It is important to stay connected after you finish your study. I hear from friends who studied at other foreign schools, that they are left alone after graduating, that never happens with EIT Digital. The alumni community is keeping everyone together.

I went to the alumni meeting in my first year, and it impressed me how much people have achieved after studying at EIT Digital. Everything is so well connected; you feel supported. There are job offerings, you always get informed on community activities, you can couch surf all across Europe with alumni, so when you travel, you have a place to go for coffee. That is incredible. 

What would you say to aspirant students who consider applying?

EIT Digital gave me the best time of my life. Alongside the two diplomas and the soft skills I learned, I found friends. Everyone is a bit entrepreneur or looking for themselves in the field of technology. Going to EIT Digital Master School is the best match you can make. I had a lot of opportunities and freedom and the school allowed me to meet a lot of international people. Alongside friends, there were all the lecturers, all the EIT Digital people to meet and to be inspired by. Without this community and without the coaching support we received, SpotYet would not have happened.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I always thought I would work for international organisations. That is why I did my internship at the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP UNESCO) as a Data Migration Consultant in Paris. This job included data cleaning and importing data to a new database and Business Intelligence and Learning analytics.  While working there, I realised that a business environment might be something more for me.

I am interested in the connection between business, education and policies. I like working on connecting these areas. EIT Digital does it very well too. In ten years, I imagine myself to be an entrepreneur in the education area. My dream is to use business for education development. I like working with people internationally. What drives me is to be part of the change and work with people who make the world a better place.

*The other co-founders of SpotYet are:

  • Guillermo Guridi, studied Data Science at the TU/e and KTH at EIT Digital Master School and is now data scientist at Normative in Sweden
  • Sergiu Lazar Angelescu, studied Data Science at the TU/e and Technische Universität in Berlin at EIT Digital Master School and is now EU CS Project Manager at Amazon in Italy
  • Tomas Gecevičius, studied industrial and product design at TU/e and is now freelancer in Lithuania
  • Peter Lakatos, studied Data Science  at TU/e and KTH at EIT Digital Master School and is now  also co-founder of Entremo, a startup that is cofounded by EIT Digital and partners
  • Marina Angelovska, studied Data Science  at TU/e and KTH at EIT Digital Master School and is now  data scientist at bol.com in the Netherlands
  • Aref Moradi, studied Data Science  at TU/e and KTH at EIT Digital Master School and is now  Machine Learning Research Engineer at Klarna in Sweden.