Polytechnic education is practical and industry-orientated, instilling graduates with skills that leave them job-ready for a truly affordable cost. The word ‘Polytechnic’ means different things in different parts of the world, but Melbourne Polytechnic, predominantly located in the city’s northern suburbs, prides itself on being a true provider of Polytechnic education.

Melbourne Polytechnic, a government owned and funded Registered Training Organisation (RTO), is one of Australia’s largest and most successful providers of both Vocational Training and Higher Education programs. With an international student population hailing from 70 different countries and a varied portfolio of more than 300 courses, Melbourne Polytechnic’s talented community is both vibrant and diverse.



Originally, the traditional Polytechnic would focus on vocational training while Universities were the sole providers of theoretical academic qualifications. But as the global sphere of higher education continues to evolve, there now seems to be a considerable overlap between the two tertiary options.

“If you have genuine interest and motive to study engineering, then starting from the very basics gives you an advantage for higher studies,” says civil contractor Anirudh Mande. “Polytechnic gives you the basic knowledge of the field and even the experience of practicals. The basic concepts of the university syllabus of engineering are covered in the diploma.

“Polytechnic is the best option for those who want to ‘earn while they learn’ as you can easily get a job after the diploma… and start working while you pursue engineering. In fact, there is a demand for students who hold both a degree and a diploma in engineering.”

Many Polytechnics now offer a range of degree level programmes and direct pathways from certificates and diplomas into complementary university degrees, and Melbourne Polytechnic is at the top of the pack in this respect. The globally respected school provides a wide selection of study options in vocational education, from short courses, pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships and traineeships through to certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas and onto higher education, tertiary degrees under the Australian Qualifications Framework.



Through its practical, industry-relevant training designed in consultation with business, Melbourne Polytechnic’s innovative courses are designed to simulate real workplaces and provide services direct to the public or industry. This, plus the school’s state-of-the-art facilities and motivated teachers with extensive experience in their respective fields, is why Melbourne Polytechnic is consistently recognised by government for excellence in international education.

“A polytechnic diploma saves two years of your academic career [and] earning starts immediately after completion of the diploma,” states Gajanan Pisulkar, a renowned professional in the sphere of polytechnic education.

“You get a formal introduction to the technical world. This association helps you greatly when you get admission directly in the second year of Bachelor of Engineering (for example). The biggest advantage is the practical knowledge that students gain from the various workshops and the benefit of early placements.”

Students of Melbourne Polytechnic are granted the experience needed to be work-ready in their chosen careers. They are able to succeed in their courses, as well as the careers that follow, as they benefit from contemporary facilities and highly specialised programs of study.



The institution is set over nine sites, including modern campuses and cutting-edge training centres. Every facet of Melbourne Polytechnic’s build is unique, innovative and specially-designed to meet the needs of students. The training centre, for example, boasts specialised equipment and technology to accommodate professional courses – like the Heidelberg campus, which hosts its own industry-standard manufacturing and building centre that students are free to use.

Aside from making use of the School’s world-leading facilities, students of Melbourne Polytechnic are free to peruse extensive, well-stocked libraries, student services, conference facilities, retail outlets, student engagement programs and trendy student accommodation. Of course, this all comes on top of making the most of student life in the world’s most liveable city.

“The skills I learned at Melbourne Polytechnic have been very useful,” said Reagan Ng, former student of the School’s Certificate III in Locksmithing and Diploma of Engineering Technology.

“Everything we do has to meet a certain standard… I commenced work [in Collingwood] on a part time basis while I was studying at Melbourne Polytechnic, and the company were impressed enough with my skills to offer me full-time employment when I completed my studies.”



Reagan is just one example of a wealth of students who have thrived as a result of the expertise Melbourne Polytechnic has given them. Upon completion of their diplomas or degrees, graduates find a broad range of careers open to them in both the private and government sectors. In fact, the majority of global companies prefer to recruit Polytechnic students over conventional degree graduates due to the highly-relevant skill set this path of study provides them with.

Above all, Melbourne Polytechnic embodies the spirit of the true, contemporary Polytechnic institution. Not only does it boost students to the top of their game with real-world vocational training, but it also imbues them with strong, world-renowned academic foundations that are universally recognised by reputed firms. This is why Melbourne Polytechnic’s highly-skilled alumni can be found at the centre of the action in some of the world’s most successful multi-national corporations.


This article was sponsored by Melbourne Polytechnic, one of the largest and most successful providers of both vocational training and higher education programs in Australia. With a rich history dating back more than 100 years, Melbourne Polytechnic is a well-established, Government accredited institution and a vibrant & dynamic destination for international students. Melbourne Polytechnic provides quality education and a friendly & safe learning environment to more than 50,000 students, including 700 international students from 70 countries globally. Melbourne Polytechnic offers a large range of career-focused programs at Certificate, Diploma and Degree level across the arts, social and related behavioural sciences, engineering, education, natural science and technology.

Images courtesy of Melbourne Polytechnic.

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