The ideal work-passion project balance: 7 easy jobs that pay well for fresh graduates in 2023

easy jobs that pay well
Easy jobs that pay well are more than just easy fixes for money — they can be fun, fulfilling and help you build a great career too. Source: AFP

Easy jobs that pay well — isn’t that everyone’s dream?

It might sound impossible, but in this day and age, anything is possible with a little help from the Internet.

An easy job is usually defined as one that is not boring or overly challenging — something that a lot of young people are seeking today as they figure out how to build their own billion-dollar empires or just their future in general. 

About 60% of teenagers are more interested in someday starting their own business instead of working a traditional job, according to a survey from Junior Achievement USA.

Finding easy jobs that pay well so we may have time to pursue our passions isn’t limited to teens.

A McKinsey research from 2022 showed 70% of employees say their personal sense of purpose is defined by their work

Then, there are those who may want to study towards a degree but need to work to afford it. If this is you, aiming for one or several easy jobs that pay well will help you balance study, work and life.

As a fresh graduate, you may have many reasons to seek easy jobs that pay well. Everyone is on their journey and there’s no shame in wanting this.

Ease is subjective. And there may be situations in your life that require you to take a step back from going full force into your career, such as:

  • You want to pursue a master’s degree but need to work to afford it
  • You need to care for your family, as a primary caregiver to your parents, grandparents or siblings
  • You need a break between university and your first job
  • You want to focus on a passion project

Are all jobs as hard as they seem?

Every job is different— some require to undergo some form of tertiary education.

To become a lawyer, for example, you’ll need to graduate from law school and pass the Bar exam in a specific jurisdiction. 

If you’re wondering why some people choose to work in jobs that are hard or risky, you might be surprised to know that there is a science behind it.

Evaluating and predicting the best performers is something that industrial and organisational (I-O) psychologists are skilled at doing, according to Kelley Krokos of the American Institutes for Research in Washington, D.C.

She shares two kinds of tests that have proven validity and reliability that I-O psychologists may employ: cognitive and personality.

“We consider high-risk occupations in which the possibility of error is significant and for which the consequence of error is likely to result in harm, physical injury or death to not only the individual performing the job but for others as well,” Krokos told newswise.

While some jobs may be naturally high-risk or dangerous, there are, of course, roles that are very enjoyable and compensate well, which makes them easy jobs that pay well.

These jobs can also be exciting, with plenty of things to learn and enjoy.

easy jobs that pay well

Being a personal trainer can be very rewarding. It is not only one of the few easy jobs that pay well but it can also help you widen your own network. Source: AFP

7 easy jobs that pay well for fresh graduates

1. Personal trainer

It’s easy to think why working as a personal trainer counts as one of the easy jobs that pay well.

That’s because you’d ultimately combine your love for fitness while helping others reach their weight and health goals.

What better way to help others achieve their personal fitness goals and exercise at the same time?

On top of that, many personal trainers venture out and diversify their jobs by exploring different avenues within their industry that can earn them more money.

Some branch out to become group fitness instructors, conduct fitness retreats or even go into fitness writing or blogging.

The main reasons they do this are to:

  • Expand their clientele
  • Increase income
  • Chances to find new opportunities

In the US, a personal trainer is paid hourly. The average salary of a personal trainer ranges between US$34,000 to US$78,000 a year.

easy jobs that pay well

Being a real estate agent is one of the easy jobs that pay well as you can earn commission from each home rented or sold. Source: AFP

2. Real estate agent

Between 2020 and 2021, there was a 60% increase in people getting real estate licenses

In fact, data from Google Trends show “how to become a real estate agent” was the most searched job in 2021.

So, why is it one of the easy jobs that pay well?

A real estate agent helps people buy, sell, or rent homes, business spaces, or luxury suites.

As an agent, you can conduct viewings on your own time; you can also decide if you want to work seven days a week or not at all.

Of course, how much you work will affect how much you earn.

The best part? You don’t have to go to uni to become a real estate agent — but you need a license.

Many, however, chose to pursue finance, business and management before venturing into real estate. 

It is not a “get-quick-rich scheme,” but according to the Harvard Business Review, the average salary for a full-time agent in 2020 was US$129,996.

3. Tour guide

Are you the kind of person who knows all the hidden gems in your city or neighbourhood?

Consider becoming a tour guide.

You get to apply your creative skills while taking people on tours or guided walks. Plus, you can meet people from all around the globe. 

As the world continues to move into a post-COVID-19 era, tourism businesses are getting back into the regular groove. 

UNWTO’s latest World Tourism Barometer showed an increase of 182% for international tourism in the first three months of 2022 compared to the previous year.

In the US, you can expect to earn up to US$33,318 yearly. 

The most experienced experts make up to US$70,200.

easy jobs that pay well

Tutoring can be one of the easy jobs that pay well for you especially if you enjoy the subject and well-versed in it already. Source: AFP

4. Private tutor

Intelligent and top scorers, this is for you.

It can be an easy job because you can pick what subjects you want to teach. Naturally, you’d start with the ones you are best at.

While you can choose to commit certain hours, you’ll need to fulfil those to continue growing your clientele.

Private tutors are different teachers because they do offer one-on-one services with the person they’re tutoring. Some tutors will even come to your house. 

What’s more, you could offer language lessons to those wanting to learn if you are an international student in a foreign country.

You can charge between US$25 and US$80 an hour as a private tutor. For SAT tutoring, you can charge US$100 an hour.

easy job that pays well

Being a pet sitter is one of the easy jobs that pay well, especially if you are already an avid animal lover. Source: AFP

5. Pet sitter

There is no happier feeling when you walk into a home and see a family pet waiting to greet you with unlimited hugs, cuddles, and licks.

If you’re an animal lover, this should be the top of the list of easy jobs that pay well for you.

Looking after dogs, cats or other domesticated pets can be a wonderful experience while you earn an income.

It’s a great opportunity to work and meet new people who could very well be your next bosses.

You will never get bored because there will always be something new for you to do with the pet or a new park to explore while on your walks.

Besides that, studies have shown that being around pets positively impacts mental health.

You can earn up to US$25,823 as a pet sitter in the US.

easy job that pays well

Here, game testers try out new games while getting paid by the hour. Source: AFP

6. App or game tester

Who doesn’t like getting paid while playing some of their favourite games? 

Despite the perception that lazier people spend all their time playing games, this is hardly true.

Game testers usually have a college degree in game design or computer science. This helps elevate their status as game testers because they know what they are doing.

It doesn’t mean you have to graduate with a degree in game design or computer science if you aspire to be a game tester.

For those who began playing games or practising their coding skills at a young age, you likely will be able to put your skills to good use.

Games like “Cyberpunk 2077” shows what can happen if a game isn’t properly tested before its public release.

You can make a good sum from game testing. According to Glassdoor, a game tester can make an average of US$56,369 a year.

7. Social media manager

Years ago, you wouldn’t have known what it’s like to be a social media manager.

Thanks to the rise of social media marketing, social media managers are in demand today. 

It has been reported that 80% of social media content, including influencers, impacts buying decisions

Typically, a social media manager would utilise platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok to target and influence the right people.

Most Gen Z have grown up glued to their phones, so all these would come naturally to them.

So, why not make an income from it? 

Your average salary could be US$72,860 on a yearly basis.